“On September 7th we surrender” (see video)

On Friday (3), minister Alexandre de Moraes decreed the preventive detention of journalist Wellington Macedo and truck driver Marcos Antônio Pereira Gomes, known as Zé Trovão.

The journalist was found in a hotel in Brasília and is already in jail.

However, with regard to the truck driver, the Federal Police was not successful.

Claiming that unconstitutional order is not fulfilled, Zé Trovão decided to hide and so far has not been found by the PF.

However, he recorded a video warning that he intends to turn himself in on 7 September.

See the video:

  • LIVE: Police under threat / Another journalist arrested / CPAC Brasil 2021 (see video)LIVE: Police under threat / Another journalist arrested / CPAC Brasil 2021 (see video)

They broke our legs!

O Online City Newspaper is suffering open attacks.

“Old foxes” of politics, through the ill-fated CPI, commanded by nefarious figures like Aziz, Renan and Randolfe, broke our bank secrecy. Nothing they will find.

The TSE, in turn, ordered the demonetization of the JCO. A decision without foundation, without any subpoena and without due process of law. Broke our legs!

We need the help of all patriots.

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