On the eve of the 7th of September, Moraes orders the arrest of pocket workers

Blogger Wellington Macedo and truck driver Zé Trovão were targets of the Federal Police this Friday



Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court, decreed on Friday 3 the arrest of truck driver Marcos Antônio Pereira Gomes, known as Zé Trovão.

The inquiry that led to the arrest investigates threats to democracy in violent acts that were organized for the 7th of September.

Another target is the pocket blogger Wellington Macedo, who was arrested this Friday afternoon. “The measure, carried out in Brasília, has the objective of deepening investigations in progress in the investigation files that are being processed in that Court”, said the Federal Police communiqué sent to the vehicle.

Macedo is also investigated in the investigation that investigates the organization and financing of anti-democratic acts, which is being processed by the Supreme Court.

The blogger had already been the target of searches on the 20th in the operation that hit singer Sérgio Reis. He also had his YouTube channel and Instagram profile suspended in the investigation.

Macedo appears on social media as a journalist and national coordinator of the Marcha da Família. Between February and October 2019, he held the position of advisor to the Directorate for the Promotion and Strengthening of the Rights of Children and Adolescents at the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights. He was appointed by the PGR as one of those responsible for publicizing the ‘violent and undemocratic act’ planned for the holiday.

On his Twitter profile, the only one that remains active, he even published about the holiday’s protests: “If they don’t obey our request, the snake will smoke.” In another recent post, probably referring to the military coup of 1964, he wrote: “After 57 years, those who thought themselves in power will be defeated. Power the people give. Power the people takes away, only the people are the power”.

(With information from the State Agency)

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