“Parça” by the famous, screenwriter from Itabirano participates in the debut of Mion on Globo

The programming of this Saturday (4) on Rede Globo has some news for the network’s fans. The day will be marked by the debut of the presenter Marcos Mion in front of Caldeirão. it will replace Luciano Huck, who, in turn, will command the “Domingão com Huck”, starting next Sunday (5). And who will participate in the kickoff of the former Record presenter on the Plim Plim station is the Itabirano Eduardo Guimarães, or Dudu, as he is better known.

Now residing in São Paulo (SP), Dudu has a trajectory almost entirely focused on humor. In the business, the Itabirano has already exchanged cards with artists such as Tata Werneck, Dani Calabresa, Paulo Vieira and Fábio Porchat, to whom he currently works.

Its main focus is the comedians’ social networks and the creation of comedic formats, such as the program “What’s this story, Porchat?”, broadcast on GNT. And just follow the content creator on their social networks to realize that the relationship between them is far from being just professional, it is also very affectionate, something that still surprises him.

But, in addition to being a “parça” of the famous, the Itabirano is passionate about TV. Without prejudice, Dudu follows everything, which allows him to comment, with propriety, about the current Brazilian television moment and, also, the future. And this was one of the themes discussed in the exclusive interview of the DeFato portal with the screenwriter. Check out!

Itabirano provides services to Fábio Porchat, one of the founders of Porta dos Fundos. Photo: @poxaduduh/Instagram

DeFato Online: Is your family all from Itabira?
Dudu: Everyone from Itabira. Two, three uncles ended up moving out of state after a while, but the whole family is still there.

DeFato Online: And how was your trajectory in the city?
Dudu: I studied at Colégio Nossa Senhora das Dores my whole life, from the first grade to the third year, then I graduated in 2007. In 2008, I went to Belo Horizonte to take a prep course and in 2009 I went to the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP), in Mariana, do journalism. Afterwards I no longer lived in Itabira. I was living in Mariana during college, I went to BH to do graduate work and then I came to São Paulo.

DeFato Online: Do you still visit the city?
Dudu: I’m almost always there. I used to go more often at the beginning of my trip to São Paulo, but it started to get very tiring to make these long trips. But, I always go on a family birthday, some special date, or a long holiday that is worth making the trip without a rush trip.

DeFato: Do ​​you think the fact that you left Itabira early affected your relationship with the city?
Dudu: Nothing andI still really like Itabira. I think it’s a wonderful city, quiet, especially for having family there, it’s where we feel at home. Whenever I go to Itabira, I feel the love of the family. I never had a negative experience with the city.

DeFato: How did this desire to work with content creation come about?
Dudu: I’ve always been passionate about television, she was my baby monitor. I watched everything, from drawings on TV Cultura to Hebe’s programs. After studying journalism, I took a post in Radio and TV with the desire to be a reporter, for the love of journalism. But, I got to know the comedy, some people who worked in television, I got to know the world of the script and I said “man, this is really cool too”. What pays my bills today is working with social media, but I’m always doing some script, some format, which is what I really love and what I want for my life.

DeFato: And from what we’ve seen on your Twitter, it’s what suits you the most, right?
Dudu: My Twitter is basically to make fun of what’s on television. I watch it all the time, so I joke about the show, joke about what I see, it’s something I would spend my whole life doing without the slightest problem.

DeFato: Despite being more humorous, have you worked in other areas?
Dudu: I’ve already participated in the script, for example, in the Multishow Music Award, presented by Tatá Werneck and Anitta that year. I think most of the shows I’ve been on have always had a hint of humor. Recently, with another group of people, I created a project for Thiago Abravanel, which we now want to negotiate with some streamings, which is not necessarily humor. But, like it or not, we try to fit the mood to make it more attractive.

DeFato: And what is the secret to working in the area? It takes a lot of creativity…
Dudu: Creativity and not being prejudiced against anything. For example, there is no such thing as “ahh I don’t like to watch such a TV station, it’s bad”. There’s no such thing, you have to watch everything: bad movie, bad series. Because you are learning, mainly seeing what not to do (laughs). I watch all possible channels, RedeTV, Record, Band, everything that is television I’m always consuming. The secret is not to be prejudiced against anything involving art, everything will teach you something.

DeFato: I see you providing many services for Grupo Globo. Do you produce formats for other channels too?
Dudu: We work for whoever calls us. I’ve already scripted a show on the Sony channel, a few years ago I helped Porchat create the “What’s this story, Porchat?” format. I’ve already written, for example, for a Disney movie release. Where they call we go.

DeFato: You mentioned Porchat, who is one of the famous people you are very close to. How is this coexistence? Have you got used to it?
Dudu: Even for me it’s still a little weird. In the case of Porchat, I work for him, so I really have a little more of that direct contact, even professionally. Him giving orders, me asking for something when I need his social networks, among other things. But, for example, Dani Calabresa and Paulo Vieira are friends I made after I entered this world. I still think it’s crazy to receive audio from two! Paulo Vieira put me in a group that includes Evandro Santo, Marisa Orth, and I said “my God, bizarre”. I still think it’s pretty crazy.

DeFato: And how were the recordings for Mion’s debut?
Dudu: It was really, really fun. Paulo Vieira called me to join his team, so it was me, Ilana (Paulo’s girlfriend) and Paulo Manduca, a friend of ours who is an actor. We played against Juliana Paes’ team. And, man, it was really fun, because you could see in Mion’s eye that he was really excited about this chance. He was really in love with what he was doing. And as Mion said on social media, and Boninho also said, it was an emotional and surprising ending.

DeFato: Do ​​you think the program will work?
Dudu: THEI think so, people will want to watch something new on Saturday afternoon. Not that they were sick of Huck, because the ratings were still high all that time, but it’s always good for you to see a livelier show. Luciano Huck did those help charts, a lot of emotion, and the game shows with him were also more exciting, but Mion wasn’t. He’s just there for fun and entertainment.

DeFato: The hiring of Mion shows that Globo has been trying to be less serious, betting on something more laid-back?
Dudu: Yes, Globo needs to give this one a makeover. I even comment a lot with some friends that Globo needs to work with a new generation of presenters, it didn’t create this generation. The older generation, with Faustão, Sérgio Groisman, is leaving. Faustão has already left and Serginho Groisman will soon retire, since he is seventy years old. And who will replace him? So, Globo puts Tiago Leifert on Sunday, to see the reception of the public, and is testing other names.

DeFato: Besides Tiago Leifert, who could be on this radar for new presenters?
Dudu: Not wanting to pull sardines for whom I have more contact with, but I see Fábio (Porchat) as a very strong name, very capable of presenting a program. Even because he already had the talk-show on Record, he already showed that he knows how to do it, and now he also has the “What’s this story?” and the Papo de Segunda, which are completely different from each other. And Paulo Vieira! Paulo hasn’t had many opportunities with a presentation on Globo yet, but he’s a very good guy! I dare say that he and Fábio are step by step in competence, because Paulo is an improvised joke machine, one after the other, without thinking. He is very good.

DeFato: Any extra considerations?
Dudu: What everyone watch the Mion program at 4:30 pm and cheer by me.