Pedro is breathless when he catches his wife and lover leaving together

In the next chapters of Nos Tempos do Imperador, Teresa Cristina (Letícia Sabatella) invites Luísa (Mariana Ximenes) for a frank conversation after Dom Pedro (Selton Mello) confesses his passion for his lover. The empress surprises the educator leaving home to teach and hitches a ride with the monarch. When he sees woman and lover arriving together, the monarch loses even his breath.

After trying to separate the couple and failing, the emperor’s wife was taken by surprise by the confession of her husband who admitted to being infatuated with his daughters’ governess.

Even though Pedro guarantees that their marriage will not be shaken, Teresa Cristina felt the blow and decided to seek out her rival and speak openly about her husband’s affair with the countess.

The conversation takes place in the royal carriage on the way to the palace. The empress fears that Pedro’s adventure will cause a scandal, tarnishing the image of the imperial family.

Luísa guarantees that she would never do anything that would harm the honor of royalty, denies that her feelings are in the crown inherited by the monarch and praises the great man the emperor has become. After a “peace treaty”, the two descend from the carriage and are spotted together by the monarch. Know more!

In Nos Tempos do Imperador, Teresa Cristina warns Luísa about an affair with her husband

In the Emperor's Times: Pedro is breathless when he catches his wife and lover going out together

In the next chapters of Nos Tempos do Imperador, Teresa Cristina approaches Luísa at the countess’s door and gives her a ride to the Quinta. On the way, the two will talk openly about Dom Pedro’s affair with the Countess of Barral.

The empress takes this attitude after her husband confessed that he is completely in love with his lover and that the educator is no longer one of his romantic adventures.

“We need to have a conversation, don’t you think?” asks the royalty. Teresa Cristina says that since she arrived from Naples, her priority has been to form a family, something sacred to the Neapolitans.

“I don’t know if the Countess can understand the scope of this”, he says. Luísa says she perfectly understands the empress’s position and guarantees that she respects the imperial family.

Dom Pedro’s wife asks her rival for help so that her family’s honor is not tarnished. The countess asks what she can do. Teresa Cristina reinforces her husband’s reputation as a womanizer.

“Does the countess understand my apprehension every time a woman becomes intimate with the Emperor?” asks the monarch. Luísa makes a positive sign. The empress, on the other hand, claims that an adventure can tarnish the family’s image.

The countess of Barral defends her feelings. “Sometimes, what is seen as a distraction, an adventure, is a meeting of souls. The lovers are lucky to have been chosen for the feeling they arouse, not for a political strategy”, nudges the educator.

Teresa Cristina rebuts the challenge saying that the emperor can choose the woman he wants in view of the offer that is always abundant. Luísa won’t let it go and claims that the empress’s speech reduces her feelings to a supposed interest in Pedro’s crown.

“He is much bigger than the crown he inherited. Much more exciting than the power it has”, he praises. “Beautiful words”, he mocks. The sequence shows the royalty asking her husband’s lover for help.

“I’m counting on your help so that my daughters, your students, never suffer the pain of discovering that their father has hidden relationships. This father they admire more than anything”, he argues.

The educator agrees, as this is also one of her concerns. The two reach their destination and before they descend, Teresa Cristina suggests that peace between them continue to reign in the castle.

Dom Pedro approaches the window and is startled when he realizes that the two women in his life had arrived together. The three meet in the hall and he reacts. “Empress… Countess…” he says.

The scene airs and briefly in the six o’clock soap opera.