Petrobras starts campaign to clarify fuel costs

Average value of gasoline in Brazil is BRL 6 per liter, but only BRL 2 are destined for the state-owned company

Petrobras Agency / Geraldo FalcãoThe Brazilian state-owned company launched an awareness campaign in its media channels to talk about the formation of the final price

THE Petrobras, by defending itself from criticism for the prices of the Gasoline throughout Brazil, he gave the governors a nudge, specifically for the rate of ICMS, the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services. This Friday, the 3rd, the Brazilian state-owned company launched a campaign for clarification on its media channels to talk about the formation of the final price charged at pumps at gas stations across the country. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, the value of gasoline is around R$7 per liter, but the Brazilian average is R$6. According to the state-owned campaign, the average value of R$2 is Petrobras’ responsibility, R$0.69 is the federal government’s share of taxes and duties and the governors responsible for ICMS keep R$1.65 of the price, the rest being for profit margin and distributors.

“The price of gasoline can be divided into five parts: on average, Petrobras receives R$ 2 for each liter sold, it also has the cost of added ethanol and distribution and resale services. Federal taxes are levied only on the origin, that is, on the sale price of Petrobras at the refineries. The main state tax, ICMS, is levied on the final price of products. Therefore, every time there is an adjustment in the refinery, there is a change in the value of the ICMS on the entire price paid by the consumer”, says the advertising piece, released this Friday. Criticism of the state tax is recurring on the part of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. A bill has already been submitted to change the way the fee is charged, establishing a fixed amount. However, the discussion is not yet over.

*With information from the reporter Rodrigo beam