Petrobras starts campaign to detail fuel costs – News

This Friday (4), Petrobras started a campaign to clarify the price of gasoline, which at some gas stations in the country it already exceeds R$7 per liter.

In a video, which was initially disclosed on the company’s channels, but became a publicity piece, Petrobras shows that it receives only R$ 2 of the sale value at the pumps at the gas stations. The piece highlights the weight of the state tax, the ICMS, in the formation of the final price of gasoline.

The value of ICMS, according to company calculations based on a pump price of BRL 6/liter, would be equivalent to BRL 1.65 per liter, on average, since the tax varies between states.

The remainder refers to the value of anhydrous ethanol added to gasoline, in addition to distributor and reseller margins, and also by federal taxes such as PIS/Cofins and Cide. The disclosure takes place a few days from Pro and anti-government acts scheduled to take place on September 7th in the country.

“Cide, PIS and Cofins are levied on the Petrobras share. The ICMS on the entire chain has a strong weight. It is 1.65 (real/liter). Every time the price changes, the state’s tax revenue also changes, while that federal taxes are levied on the basis,” a company source said. “It’s an awareness campaign,” added another source.

The question of the impact on ICMS is a flag of President Jair Bolsonaro, who generally attributes to the States part of the increase in fuels. A bill to change the ICMS on fuels, establishing a fixed amount in the States, it was even sent to Congress.