PF arrests pocketnarista Wellington Macedo, who participated in the organization of the September 7 acts

This Friday afternoon, the Federal Police arrested the Pocket-born influencer Wellington Macedo, who participated in the organization of events on September 7 in support of President Jair Bolsonaro. Preventive detention was requested by the Attorney General’s Office and authorized by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court.

The Pocketnarista, who identifies himself as a journalist, was staying at a hotel in Brasília when he was arrested by the PF this Friday (3). In a statement, the Federal Police confirmed the arrest and did not release further details.

“The measure, carried out in Brasília, has the objective of deepening investigations in progress in the investigation files that are being processed in that Court”, the text says.
The arrest was made as part of an investigation into the financing and organization of anti-democratic demonstrations, with attacks on institutions such as the STF and Congress.

On Tuesday (31), Macedo published a message on social networks saying that he is being persecuted “for doing journalism in Brazil”. The text was accompanied by a drawing in which Alexandre de Moraes is referred to as a “sinister minister” and appears with a bloodied scythe. Macedo, in turn, is portrayed tied by ropes and with a paper that says “gag” in his mouth.

“What country are we in? Journalist, father of a family, covering historical moments, and these thugs send our noble Federal Police to carry out these warrants. I’m sure even they are ashamed of what they’re doing, but it’s the role. Unfortunately, judge’s order is obeyed,” Macedo said in audio the same day.

On August 20, addresses linked to singer Sérgio Reis, deputy Otoni de Paula (PSC-RJ) and to Macedo himself were the targets of search and seizure warrants, also at the request of the PGR. At the time, Macedo was in Sobral, Ceará, where he lives.