Phenomenon on the web, Father Patrick asks a lady to marry him on TV, and is SHOCKED by the cheeky response; watch

Famous on the web for his fun and sincere answers, Father Patrick has already won a legion of fans – there are more than 3 million on Instagram alone – with his good humor, charisma and lightness. The hilarious tirades that he shoots every time he opens the question box, on Mondays, on Instagram earned him a lot of fame and an invitation to participate in the TV Globo morning, “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes“. But, even with all his shrewdness, the priest did not expect to be asked about his intimate life, in the wild! Hahaha

During the chat with Fátima, Gaby Amarantos and the virtual audience of the ‘Encounter’, Patrick volunteered to answer questions, but was taken by surprise by the far from discreet and daring participation of the 79-year-old Luzia, from Alagoas. Without a word of mouth, the woman took the opportunity to clarify a doubt. “Good morning, Father Patrick. Holy Mary. I want to know if dating two is a sin and thinking about one, two or three too?”, she asked.

In a very good mood, the priest revealed that he had caught Alagoas “in the jump”, praising her beauty and showing interest in him even before the beginning of the program. “I was seeing you before the program started, I saw that you wanted to take off my cassock. Let’s get married, the two of us, I’m on vacation, I’m going to Alagoas and I’ll bring you to Pará. he asked.

While Bernardes joked about her program being marrying a priest, Luzia ended up having an unexpected reaction by “anticipating” what would happen between them if they reached their honeymoon. “I really wish, it’s going to be a 100% honeymoon, I love it”, she joked. “The way I’m in the drought at 79 years old. If you’re good in bed, we’re ready.” she added, taking everyone by surprise. Help! Hahaha Just spy:

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The guest’s speech left the priest without reaction and had to be interrupted by the presenter, who recalled that it was still 11:04 am and that they were, in fact, live on TV Globo. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it was too late, and the comment drew laughter from all the program participants. Mrs. Luzia is dying to go from zero to zero, huh?! Hahaha

The guest’s bold response took Fátima Bernardes by surprise. (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

Netizens also didn’t forgive the elderly woman’s hilarious “faux pas” and filled social networks with their own reactions to the episode. Check out the best reviews:

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Meet Father Patrick

Born in Espírito Santo, the Catholic lives and congregates in Parauapebas, Pará. Responsible for celebrating masses at the São Sebastião Parish, Patrick is 34 years old and has been dedicated to the priesthood for 8 years. According to him, the “pants” and fun answers to the faithful have only one purpose: to help others.

“The feeling of uselessness has always bothered me a lot, and the priesthood has added to that. I’ve always wanted to be useful in people’s lives, passing through them leaving marks, preferably, positive”, he explained on his Instagram. “My purpose is to spread the gospel lightly and in a more popular language”, added in another publication.

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Behind the humor, Patrick has a surprising story of overcoming difficulties, as he battled depression and managed to overcome it. Today, the priest with the appearance of a “blogger” strives to awaken the desire of younger people to attend church. There, however, things are quite different. “Sometimes people are disappointed at mass. I try to make a beautiful homily, but I don’t talk nonsense like I do around here”, stated.