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The couple Jacira (Giullia Buscacio) and Piatã (Rodrigo Simas) in ‘Novo Mundo’ — Photo: Globo/João Miguel Júnior

Lost in the woods on an expedition with Tonico (Alexandre Nero), the couple of emperors find themselves in a snooker while being approached by indigenous people. Luckily, Pedro talks to Piatã, now the shaman of the people Tucaré, in language tupi and manages to appease the situation.

Review the scene of Pedro, Teresa and Tonico lost in the forest:

Pedro leaves with an entourage to the forest

Pedro leaves with an entourage to the forest

Teresa introduces Pedro to the natives, and Jacira, who became chief of his people, he soon recognizes the Emperor.

Jacira (Valéria Alencar) and Piatã (Clovys Torres) tell their story in ‘Nos Tempos do Imperador’ — Photo: Globo

“Son of Dom Pedro (Caio Castro) and Dona Leopoldina (Letícia Colin)? Jacira and Piatã are friends of their parents!”, says Jacira.

Remember the story of Jacira and Piatã:

born in Brazil, Piatã was raised in Europe along with Anna (Isabelle Drummond), whom he loves as a sister. Back in the country in Leopoldina’s entourage, the boy rediscovers his origins in the village of the people Tucaré.

Meet Piatã, Rodrigo Simas' character in 'New World'

Meet Piatã, Rodrigo Simas’ character in ‘New World’

Living in the village, Piatã meets and is enchanted by Jacira, a young warrior full of attitude. After many twists and turns in their romance, they finally get married. 😍💖

Jacira and Piatã get married in the village

Jacira and Piatã get married in the village

In Novo Mundo, the couple also became friends with Dom Pedro and Leopoldina, when they were introduced to the royal family by Joaquim (Chay Suede), a white man who lived among the Tucaré.

Pedro goes to meet the Indians

Pedro goes to meet the Indians

In the end, Piatã is chosen as the village’s new shaman, and leads the Tucaré alongside Jacira, the first woman to become the chief of his people.

Piatã is the new shaman of the Tucarés

Piatã is the new shaman of the Tucarés

Authors from New World and In the Times of the Emperor, Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcon comment on a novel by Piatã and Jacira:

Authors define the love of Jacira and Piatã

Authors define the love of Jacira and Piatã

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Jacira and Piatã arrest Tonico. Guebo suffers from the absence of his family. Teresa reveals Pedro’s identity to Jacira and Piatã, who say they were friends of Dom Pedro I and Leopoldina. Dolores and Eudoro worry about the fire in the forest. Samuel confronts Borges about Abena and Baltazar, but ends up wounded by the sheriff. Licurgo and Germana blackmail Quinzinho. Lupita asks to move to the casino. Nélio tries to run away so as not to marry Nonarica, but Lota and Batista force him to stay. Luísa questions Caxias about the situation of Abena and Baltazar. Candida has a vision with Abena and Balthazar.

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