Pindamonhangaba creates Covid-19 Treatment Center for patient recovery

(Photo: Saulo Fernandes/Vale News)

The Health Department of the Municipality of Pindamonhangaba created the Covid-19 Treatment Center, which will start operating at the Campanha Hospital of Cidade Nova, from 7:00 am on September 9th (Thursday).


The site will also feature Emergency Care for patients with flu syndrome (flu), Covid-19 hospitalization (20 ward beds and five SVP pulmonary ventilatory support), and post-covid rehabilitation.

Photo: disclosure/PMP

According to the Secretary of Health, Ana Claudia Macedo, the creation of the Covid Treatment Center is due to the need to rehabilitate patients more completely after discharge from treatment.

She said it is an innovative method in the state of São Paulo, “guaranteeing complete assistance, from testing, hospitalization and rehabilitation, with several services and a multidisciplinary team, including adequate psychological treatment for the patient. Basically, we will have support from the testing to the patient’s full physical and emotional recovery”, said Ana Claudia.

The Secretary of Health highlighted the dynamism of the pandemic and the agility of the municipality in adapting to the situation. “We must work according to the direction of the pandemic, with speed and efficiency in decision-making and implementing actions to prevent, combat and treat the disease.”

Mayor Isael Domingues explained that the centralization of services prevents the spread of cases, ensures the population’s epidemiological safety, in addition to facilitating care and treatment and reducing costs. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive humanized care, preventing the spread of the virus, preventing the emergence of new cases, centralizing care as a whole,” he concluded.