Pjanic exposes difficult relationship with Koeman at Barcelona: “I don’t know what he wanted” | international football

a day after having been announced by Besiktas, midfielder Pjanic exposed all his agony lived in the Barcelona. And the target was only one: coach Ronald Koeman. In an interview with the newspaper “Marca”, the player said that the coach never explained why he did not put him to play. And he never looked for it to point out possible errors or criticisms. There was no communication.

“I still don’t know exactly what he wanted, he didn’t try to explain things to me or find a solution,” Pjanic said.

– I was the one who was going to ask him what he wanted from me, what am I doing wrong or right to find out, to adapt faster within the team, to be useful… In a season, you need 17.18 players to win titles. But for him there were no problems in my game, he didn’t give me answers. Time passed, the situation was getting worse, but for no reason – commented.

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Last season, Pjanic went 11 straight games without leaving the bench at Barcelona — Photo: Joan Valls/Getty Images

Pjanic was announced by Barça in June of last year, weeks before the hiring ronald koeman. Last season, the Bosnian made 30 matches for the club, of which only 13 were as a starter. He got to stay 11 straight rounds without being used in the Spanish Championship, even with five substitutions allowed.

– I didn’t understand why, I think I could be a good player, but also a good teammate, I have a professional attitude. I was working on my days off, sometimes I ran alone after practice to get well… I could give him a lot more if he wanted to – he declared.

“But he’s a very, very strange coach, it’s the first time I’ve seen a management like that”, reinforced Pjanic.

Pjanic is on loan for a year to Besiktas

The player reiterated his curriculum in Italian football to ensure that he was able to play a major role in Barcelona, ​​after all, he won four Serie A titles at Juventus and had 100 Champions games for the former team.

– I wish he (Koeman) would say to my face that ‘You’re not for me’. Face to face didn’t exist and I don’t understand. It’s complicated because it’s the first time this has happened to me and I’ve seen this kind of behavior.

The 31-year-old Bosnian midfielder stressed that Barcelona had tried to sign him for two years. Even in front of the institutional and financial crisis experienced by the team upon its arrival, Pjanic said he was very emotional when the transfer was completed and saw it as a dream come true. Therefore, he does not consider his history with the team completely over.

– I have a contract (until 2024), I always spoke very highly of the club, but I had no luck with this coach. But Barça is always Barça. Another may think 10 times to leave, but I have to choose to spend another year playing zero minutes or I will fight to win titles, play the Champions League, 30, 40 games… I will play.

Pjanic was one of 12 players who left Barcelona last season. He is on loan for a year to Besiktas, with no option to buy, with part of the salaries paid by the Turkish club.