Pregnant, Rafa Brites falls with her eldest son in her lap and vents

Digital influencer Rafa Brites explained what happened after helping her eldest son

the digital influencer Rafa Brites got a real fright last night. she and the presenter Felipe Andreoli they are proud parents of four-year-old Rocco. Now, the couple is waiting for the youngest of the family, who will be another boy! The baby will be named Leon.

On her social networks she vented about what happened. The influencer said she was sleeping with Rocco, when suddenly the little one started coughing and vomiting in bed. Soon, she picked him up and ran to the bathroom.

“In this he vomited more and I slipped. If I fell forward, I would hit my belly on the edge of the bathtub, Rocco would hit his head on the side and his back would be a big and bad impact for pregnant women,” she recalled Rafa Brites.

“I ended up holding Rocco well and opening a ‘semi split’ with one leg and the other twisting it like a Z. It was in a way that I was sure I had broken my foot. That horror scene”, completed the mother.

Hearing the noise, Felipe Andreoli went to help his wife. After putting ice in the region, the influencer managed to move his foot. Rafa Brites even assured that she and the two children are doing well.

“What I do know is that between hurting one child or another, my body decided to sacrifice its own body. Without even thinking rationally. I thanked you deeply. Everything could have been worse. Rocco being alone and choking. I have knocked him down or put my pregnancy at risk,” said the mother.

“Even the foot that would be the least serious, only an ice solution resolved it. I literally prayed there on the floor for how it all happened. I wanted to share this first because it is a scene from everyday life that every family goes through and we don’t talk much”, concluded the influencer.

After receiving many messages from people concerned about his wife, Felipe Andreoli commented on what had happened. “It was a hell of a scare. I’m just stopping by to say that everything is fine and to thank you for this immense affection”, wrote the presenter.

The digital influencer Rafa Brites and the featured Felipe Andreoli ensured that everything is fine with the children

Play Instagram Rafa Brites and Felipe Andreoli reassured fans

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