Rger Guedes has the longest link among the 134 players under contract with Corinthians

One of Corinthians’ main signings, Róger Guedes signed until August 31, 2025 and, as a result, became the owner of the longest link among all the players who, at this moment, are under contract with the club. – see list below.

Only three other players have ended the season within the 2025 season as is Guedes. They are: Éderson (January 31st), Gustavo Mantuan (January 5th) and Matheus Donelli (January 5th). All others will be without a contract between 2021 and 2024.

This data from Róger Guedes is even more relevant when it is placed within the totality of players under contract with Corinthians. At the moment, no fewer than 134 players are officially linked to the club.

There are 54 hired by the professional, 32 players linked to the Under-23 and another 48 from base athletes who have already signed with Timão (under-17 and under-20). Roger Guedes has a stronger bond than the others.

“When I arrived here I was very well received from day one by them (companions), by fans on social networks, I’m feeling this heat and I can’t wait to debut, this is my biggest goal now. It’s to wear the shirt of the Corinthians and give life on the field,” said the 123 shirt.

In time: in the announcement, Corinthians informed that the bond can still be extended for another year. Regarding the division of the economic rights of the striker, the club did not inform the official statement.

Corinthians’ longest-lived links

Roger Guedes – August 31, 2025
Ederson – January 31, 2025
Gustavo Mantuan – January 5, 2025
Matheus Donelli – January 5, 2025
Leo Natel – December 31, 2024
Daniel Marcos (under-20) – December 31, 2024
Leo Maná (U-17) – December 31, 2024
Mandaca (under-20) – August 31, 2024

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