‘Rick and Morty’ wins live action commercial with Christopher Lloyd

O adult swim released a short commercial live action in ‘Rick and Morty‘, which shows Christopher Lloyd (‘Back to the Future’ as Rick and Jaeden Lieberher (‘It: The Thing’) as Morty. In the tweet, the adult programming block claims that the main characters in the animation would be in a parallel universe, called “C-132”.

The very short 14-second video only (watch below) shows the two characters created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon coming out of a portal in a real garage – which looks much the same as where the mad scientist works on the series. Rick then turns to his grandson and says, “Morty, we’re home.” The speech is obviously interrupted by one of the character’s characteristic burps.


Morty then replies to his grandfather: “Oh dear…”. It is noteworthy that Lieberhe gives the same desperate and insecure intonation typical of the young character.

The video is part of a marketing action for the last chapter of the 5th season of animation, which opens next Sunday (5). In Brazil, the new episodes are released in the HBO Max catalogue.

It remains to be seen if the teaser is just a commercial for the promotion of the animation or if there is, in fact, a hint of a live action episode. Even so, the video is a dream come true for fans of the series, as Rick was inspired by Lloyd’s character Doc Brown in ‘Back to the Future’.

And let’s face it: if we consider the multiverses explored in ‘Rick and Morty’, it would not be surprising to see an episode in which the scientist and grandson go to a three-dimensional universe live action. And apparently Lloyd would be willing to participate in the project. In an interview with the newspaper Phoenix New Times, the 82-year-old actor had already expressed a desire to somehow participate in the animation.

“I don’t follow the show very often, but I’ve seen some episodes and it’s actually a lot of fun. I know it’s some kind of Doc and Marty parody,” he said. “I would, of course. I think it’s a lot of fun.”

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Released in 2013, ‘Rick and Morty’ tells the story of a scientist grandfather who is a genius (and half a sociopath) who drags his shy grandson on wild and dangerous adventures across the universe. Adult animation episodes mix parallel dimensions, alien worlds, pop culture references and family dramas ranging from existential to emotional.

The first four seasons are available on Netflix and HBO Max, as well as being broadcast in Brazil on the Warner Channel. The fifth season of ‘Rick and Morty’ debuted in June 20th, in the United States (USA).

Source: Comic Book (CB)

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