Rick and Morty wins live-action teaser with Christopher Lloyd

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Rick & Morty, the acclaimed animated series from adult swin, won a live-action teaser bringing the iconic Christopher Lloyd, in Back to the future, and Jaeden Lieberhe in It: The Thing, in the skin of the protagonists of the cartoon.

The video is very short and only shows the characters going through a portal. Rick, which remains disheveled, turns to death And says “we’re at home”, before giving a big burp. Morty, in turn, responds with the classic phrase “Oh God!”, ending the video without a context.

And it’s precisely this lack of context that makes everything so interesting. You can’t tell if the video is a preview of the new season, if it’s a trailer for a special live-action episode, or if it was just a joke. In the video caption, the adult swin it just says “C-132 #RickandMorty”, with no explanation of what we saw.

Watch the video below:

please note that Christopher Lloyd is a fan of the animated series, although he doesn’t follow every episode. “I’ve seen some episodes and I’ll tell you, I think it’s really fun,” said in an interview with Phoenix New Times. “I know it’s kind of a Doc and Marty parody [de De Volta para o Futuro]. I like that, of course. It is very fun.”

Will Rick and Morty have a live-action episode? Just waiting to find out!

So, will we have a live-action episode in the series?

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