Santo André starts administering the third dose of the vaccine today – 03/09/2021

Santo André will start today the application of the third dose of the vaccine against Covid in elderly people aged 90 years or more who reside in long-term care facilities. The City Hall announced the measure yesterday, which will be the first city in Greater ABC to adopt the booster dose, anticipating the state calendar that provides for the immunization of this age group as of Monday. São Bernardo begins immunizing people aged 85 and over tomorrow.

The citizens contemplated with the supplementary immunization received the two doses of the Coronavac vaccine until February and have already had the complete vaccination picture for more than six months, therefore, ready for the new application. Now, immunizations from Astrazeneca and Pfizer will be administered, and not doses of the Chinese vaccine, since, according to Mayor Paulo Serra (PSDB), Santo André has reserves of these two immunization agents.

“We will start tomorrow (today) the supplementary dose of vaccination. Our teams will go to the elderly to apply doses of Astrazeneca and Pfizer, which are extra vaccines that came (to town) and which were not used in specific groups. Santo André does not carry out the xepa vaccine, but does the control, which often makes it possible to anticipate groups, as is the case now”, stressed Paulo Serra.

The mayor also highlighted that the booster dose aims, above all, to control the spread of variants, especially delta. “We are the first city in the region that is beginning to protect older people even more”, celebrated the toucan.

The Chief Executive explained that immunization will begin in nursing homes and will extend over Saturday and Sunday, but that, as a result, as early as next week, the city intends to expand the benefit to elderly people under 90 years old. “Coming to the federal government’s grid, we also started the supplementary vaccination of the elderly in drives-trhus”, completed the mayor.

Paulo Serra highlighted that the municipality continues to advance in the vaccination of the first and second doses in other publics and pointed out that with more than 854,897 vaccines applied, the municipality has already immunized 100% of the adult population with at least one dose of the drug and that 53% already is with the complete vaccination schedule. According to the toucan, the advance in the campaign reflected in the reduction of hospitalizations resulting from complications of the disease – currently the general rate of occupation of beds under municipal management is 13%.

“We reached the lowest level, practically since the beginning of the pandemic, of occupation. Our field hospital from (Pedro Sports Complex) Dell’Antonia has been without any patients for two days, which is a fact that must be registered. And the region is following the same path, full of hope” celebrated the mayor.

In the state, the additional dose of vaccine against Covid in the elderly will start on Monday. The groups will be staggered by age groups with priority given to the oldest.

From Monday until the 12th, those who are 90 years old or more will receive the additional dose, then, between 13 and 19, the age group from 85 to 89 years old will be reached. Between the 20th and 26th, the doses will be available for people from São Paulo who are 80 to 84 years old. Also included in this period are immunosuppressed adults. From the 27th to the 3rd of October, people aged between 70 and 79 will be covered. Completing this phase in the month of October, elderly people aged 60 to 69 will be reached between the 4th and 10th.