SC Board of Medicine Contraindicates Penis Enlargement Surgery for Aesthetic Purposes | Santa Catarina

The Regional Council of Medicine of Santa Catarina (CRM-SC) issued a note in which contraindicates penile augmentation surgery for aesthetic purposes in people who have penises with dimensions considered normal. The information came after disclosure made by a singer who performed the procedure in July in Blumenau, Vale do Itajaí (read more below).

This Friday (3), the CRM reported that the document was formulated after doctors get in touch questioning whether the procedure would be regulated.

According to the institution, the understanding is in accordance with the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), as well as that of the Brazilian Society of Urology, which contraindicates the practice and reinforces that there are no studies or scientific data with credibility, efficacy or safety of any technique of increased penile dimensions.

Understand what is phalloplasty, surgery on the penis that the singer Tiago underwent

Understand what is phalloplasty, surgery on the penis that the singer Tiago underwent

For the time being, penis lengthening procedures and surgeries for aesthetic purposes continue to be defined by the CFM as experimental and can only be carried out within research protocols previously submitted to an ethics committee and with the signature of a consent form.

“In a joint note, the specialists considered that, although it is a complaint that deserves attention from physicians when sought, the treatment options described to date are considered ineffective or too risky and unsafe to be performed with an exclusively aesthetic purpose, in men whose penises have dimensions considered normal,” the CRM said in a statement.

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The surgery had great repercussions after the country singer Tiago, from the duo with Hugo, reported that he underwent the procedure in Blumenau to enlarge his penis. The Santa Catarina clinic registered a rise in demand after the artist spoke about the subject.

The CRM advised that such procedures should not be performed outside research protocols approved by the Ethics Committee. “Any denunciation related to the performance of these procedures in Santa Catarina territory is processed under secrecy, as established in the Code of Ethical-Professional Process”, informed the council.

Phalloplasty is a procedure that consists of increasing the length of the penis and increasing its diameter. Surgery is cosmetic. The Ministry of Health confirmed that it is not made by the Unified Health System (SUS).

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