See how much it costs to advertise between Globo programs

The column found that the latest ‘Cauldron’ presented by Marcos Mion will be shown on December 25th. After this period, films will occupy the track that is currently shown in Caldeirão do Huck.

It is noteworthy that the communicator signed a contract with the Rio station to be part of the channel’s cast Multishow which belongs to Grupo Globo.

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When you love what you do, have experience and are prepared for it, challenges become just work characteristics, they become motivation. Everything that is difficult in this new experience gives me great pleasure! Carrying on the legacy left by Luciano Huck at this time is one of the things that motivates me the most”, reveals Mion in a statement released by the plim plim network.

Different salary

Marcos Mion (Globe/Disclosure)

According to what we learned, Marcos will earn something around BRL 1,500,000.00 (one million and five hundred thousand reais) during his passage through the ‘Caldeirão’ which will last only four months. Since the communicator will earn a percentage on the ads inserted in the attraction that was run by Luciano Huck for 21 years. Remembering that Mion’s salary at Globo will be something around R$ 400 thousand reais.

The column exclusively found out how much it costs to advertise in between Globo programs. Attention: prepare your pocket!!!

Mion Chair: BRL 188,600.00 (30 seconds) – BRL 377,200.00 (60 seconds)

Marcos Mion (João Cotta/Publishing/Globo)

Domingão with Luciano Huck: R$ 367,800.00 (30 seconds) – R$ 735,600.00 (60 seconds)

Luciano Huck on Domingão with Huck (Marcos Rosa / Globo)

Big Brother Brazil: 515,000.00 (30 seconds) – R$1,030,000.00 (60 seconds)

BBB 21 Participants (Globe/Disclosure)

The Voice Kids: BRL 177,000.00 (30 seconds) – BRL 354,000.00 (60 seconds)

The Voice Kids Team (Disclosure – TV Globo)

Sunday Football: BRL 397,100.00 (30 seconds) – BRL 794,200.00 (60 seconds)

Brazilian men’s soccer team (Lucas Figueiredo – CBF)

The Masked Singer: BRL 422,100.00 (30 seconds) – BRL 844,200.00 (60 seconds)

Ivete Sangalo and Marrone at The Masked Singer Brasil (Globo/Kelly Fuzaro)

National Newspaper

To announce sixty seconds in the break of the most important TV news in the country, the entrepreneur has to pay R$ 1,704,800.00 to have his product displayed on the most expensive break on the Globo and Brazil schedule!

William Bonner (Press Release/Globe)

In short, sixty seconds in the prime time interval, the Marinhos company pays the top prize for Big Brother Brasil and there are still more than 200 thousand reais to invest in another reality show.

Empire Scene (Press Release/Globe)

In addition to JN, the break in the telenovela Império also costs an exorbitant amount for advertisers. To display a 60-second advertisement on the global break, the entrepreneur has to pay the amount of R$ 1,687,000.00.