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When you buy a Prefixed Treasury bond, what do you do next? Need to monitor frequently how much your investment is yielding? In Chat with Specialist, weekly and live program of UOL, economist César Esperandio showed where to look to check the profitability of a public bond, and answered whether he really needs to keep track of the profitability of his investment.

See below what you need to do after investing in Tesouro Direto. The Chat with Specialist is an exclusive investment queries for subscribers and is broadcast every Thursday at 3 pm.

Constant monitoring is not necessary.

Esperandio stated that it is not necessary to monitor the profitability of these three government bonds frequently, as long as their objective is to remain with the investment until the maturity date.

“The Prefixed Treasury, whatever happens, will yield the combined return on the day of its investment. The two bonds [Tesouro Selic e Tesouro IPCA] they have a post-fixed component, but they will also pay the agreed upon expiration date,” he said, who is also from the Econoweek channel.

See how the Treasury Direct bonds yield, if you keep them until maturity:

  • Prefixed Treasure: the return will be what was agreed on the day you invested;
  • Selic Treasure: the return is equivalent to the Selic rate (currently it is 5.25% per year) plus a bonus;
  • IPCA Treasury: profitability is inflation for the period (which may vary) plus a fixed-rate bond.

“At the Selic Treasury and the IPCA Treasury, you can even have an expectation of how much it will yield, but you are not sure. Unlike the profitability of the Prefixed Treasury. But do you need to monitor it every day? No, you don’t,” he said.

Where to see the yield on a government bond?

The economist said that it is possible to see the daily yields of his government bonds on the Treasury Direct platform. For this, you need to login and consult your investments there.

“You can see the income for each contribution you make. In other words, you can monitor it every day, but you don’t need to because you know it will be paying off,” he said.

In addition, the Treasury Direct program itself sends, by email, a monthly statement of its investments in government bonds.

Tip not to despair

Esperandio gave a tip for those who prefer to look frequently at government bond yields: don’t despair.

“When you invest in a Prefixed Treasury, for example, you know that it will yield that rate every single day. It means that it will pay you that combined return, if you stay until the expiration date. But the amount that will appear with the accumulated profitability, before the maturity date, is favorable to market fluctuations,” he said.

According to him, in some situations, you will see that the value even decreases. But that doesn’t mean you’re losing money.

“That amount that will appear, higher or lower than the agreed, only shows the market’s willingness to buy that security of yours, in case you want to get rid of it before the agreed expiration date. It shows you on the screen: look, that’s what your bond is worth today, if you want to sell it now. If it stays until the bond’s maturity date, you will have the combined return without taking it out, “said the economist.

This goes for any fixed income security as long as you stay until the maturity date.

“In this way, the combined profitability will be paid, whether pre, post or hybrid. If you decide to dispose of the security before maturity, then yes, the profitability can be changed in relation to the expected on the maturity date,” he said.

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