See which were the best selling cars in August 2021

best selling cars
Fiat Strada is very close to reaching 80 thousand units sold in the year (Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Fiat)

THE National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution (Fenabrave) released the license report for the month of August. In addition to the market numbers, he brought the ranking of best selling cars. And once again the highlights were the Fiat models.

In total were sold 158,514 0km vehicles. That’s counting both passenger cars and light commercials. And this is a very worrying number. This represents a drop in 2.39% with regard to the month of July. The numbers are worse compared to the month of August last year. In this case, the retraction was from 8.65%.

best selling cars
Photo: Disclosure / Stellantis / Fiat)

See which were the best selling cars in August 2021

Thinking about the ranking of b, a few news. Who led sales last month was the Fiat Strada. According to Fenabrave, they were sold 9,111 units. This earned her yet another victory on this requirement. Not to mention that it is at the top of the ranking of light commercials too

In the ranking of accumulated sales, the car is very close to reaching 80 thousand units sold. And she is joined by two other cars from the Italian automaker on the August sales podium. Who finished in second place was the compact hatch argo.

best selling cars
Photo: Disclosure / Stellantis / Fiat)

He had 7,711 copies traded during the last month. This made him become the runner up in the accumulated sales ranking. leaving behind the Hyundai HB20 – which closed last month in sixth place. Right behind him is the Fiat Mobi. In the last month, he had 7,538 units sold.

Another market in which the automaker is doing very well is light commercials. Besides the Strada, another vehicle stands out: the pickup torus. She appears in second position in this sector and is fifth in the overall ranking (of the month). That’s because they were sold 6,685 units her.

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Photo: Disclosure/Stellantis/Jeep)

which closes the top 5 it’s the Jeep Compass. This is a good example of a car that is gaining more space. The car continues to be the best-selling medium SUV. During the 31 days of August, 6,819 units. In other words, it is the fourth best-selling car of the month.

VW T-Cross and Toyota Corolla Cross on the rise

Photo: Disclosure/VW

We can see some interesting movements in these data. One of them was the “rebirth” of the VW T-Cross. Despite not having closed the month as the best-selling compact SUV (as seen in the previews released by Fenabrave), it had a good month. Even more so after finishing in 11th position at the end of July.

In August, they were sold 6,698 units. Who leads this niche is still the Jeep Renegade (6,710 units). The third place was the Hyundai Crete (4,822 units). The latter has just been renovated.

Photo: Disclosure/Toyota)

Another interesting fact has to do with a pair of Toyota. Released during the first semester, the Corolla Cross outsold its sedan variant. the first had 4,789 units marketed. the second had 4,354 copies sold. This was one of the factors that helped the Japanese automaker to be among the three best-selling brands in the country.

Photo: Disclosure/Chevrolet)

already the Chevrolet S10 ended the last month as the best-selling average pickup in the country. 4,798 units marketed throughout Brazil. already the Toyota Hilux he had 4,363 units licensed.

See who are the 15 best selling cars in Brazil in August/21

1st – Fiat Strada (9,111 units)

2nd – Fiat Argo (7,711 units)

3rd – Fiat Mobi (7,538 units)

4th – Jeep Compass (6,819 units)

5th – Fiat Toro (6,685 units)

6th – Hyundai HB20 (6,795 units)

7th – Jeep Renegade (6,710 units)

8th – VW T-Cross (6,698 units)

9th – Hyundai Crete (4,822 units)

10th – Chevrolet S10 (4,798 units)

11th – Toyota Corolla Cross (4,789 units)

12th – Toyota Hilux (4,363 units)

13th – Toyota Corolla (4,354 units)

14th – VW Gol (4,082 units)

15th – Honda HR-V (3,878 units)

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