See who André Luiz Frambach is, the actress’s new affair

Single since the end of her relationship with Leo Cidade, in February, actress Larissa Manoela, 20, is having a new affair. The star of the next soap opera at 6 pm on Globo was seen with fellow actor André Luiz Frambach, with whom he starred in the movie “Modo Avião”.

To Who, the actor confirmed that the two are getting to know each other, but did not use the word dating. “We are single and we are getting to know each other, allowing ourselves.”

But who is André Luiz Frambach?

Born in Niterói, Larissa Manoela’s new affair is 24 years old and has worked as an actor since she was a child. At the age of 9, André made his debut in theater and at 10, he debuted on TV playing Leandro, by the duo Leandro and Leonardo, in the special “Por Toda a Minha Vida”.

Since then, he has accumulated some roles in Rede Globo, in plots such as “Queridos Amigos”, “Duas Caras” (first phase) and “Ciranda de Pedra”. He gained more prominence in 2018, when he played Márcio, one of the main characters in “Malhação: Vidas Brasileiras”, 26th season of the teen soap opera. His last job was in 2019, defending Julinho in “We were Six”.

On his Instagram, the actor shares several moments in contact with nature, whether hiking or at sea.

Film with Larissa Manoela

The young duo may have started to “get to know each other” in real life now, but they’ve been attuned to fiction before. In 2020, the two formed a couple in Netflix’s “Airplane Mode”. It was because of the movie that Larissa and André got closer.

To Who, the actor told how they started this new phase. “When the rumors came out [de que estavam juntos], there was absolutely nothing between us. Afterwards, we met to talk about the movie ‘Airplane Mode’ and kill the crowd.”

Recently, André published a video with Larissa Manoela remembering “Movo Avião” and won the couple’s support in the comments.

“The couple I’ve dreamed of since ‘Airplane Mode,'” wrote a follower. “I thought they had entered into a relationship,” commented another.

Larissa was also present in the comments of the publication in question: “hahaah is that when we join gnt you remember these amazing characters!”.

old relationships

Until the end of June this year, André was dating fellow actress Rayssa Bratillieri, with whom he acted in “Malhação: Vidas Brasileiras” and “Éramos Seis”. The two had taken up the relationship in 2019, with a publication by the actress commemorating André’s birthday.

At the time of the breakup, the two used their social networks to tell fans about the breakup. “Today we are here with an open heart to say that we are no longer dating. We are just great and good friends again. Cycles begin and end and it is necessary to know how to see and respect their endings. We begin to see that some goals and dreams of ours lives were diverging and we made the decision of each one to go their own way”.

To Quem, André assured that when he started dating Larissa, he was already single. “You never hear betrayal, there was always a lot of respect in my relationship with Rayssa.”

Next steps

Like Larissa Manoela, André Luiz Frambach also has a guaranteed job. He will be one of the protagonists of “Cara e Coragem”, a plot that Cláudia Souto writes for the 7:00 pm track on Rede Globo and which should premiere in 2022.