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After three years of trying, as President Duilio Monteiro Alves said, Corinthians managed to sign Róger Guedes with a four-year agreement, which could be extended for another one. But the striker’s posture in the negotiation is seen by the club as fundamental for everything to work out.

The termination with Shandong Taishan was difficult, hardened by the Chinese, and only managed to be consolidated due to the player’s performance and his fatigue. He had a contract with the club until June 2022, was getting paid on time and left about 6 million euros (R$37 million) behind.

There are those around Róger who also guarantee that he had better financial proposals from two Brazilian clubs. In none of them, however, did he see what he will have in Corinthians: the chance to be a protagonist and right away the confidence of the fans, anxious for the agreement.

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Róger Guedes at Corinthians training at CT — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag.Corinthians

The sports project and the certainty of a squad boosted by new signings, such as Giuliano, Renato Augusto and Willian, weighed on the striker.

– There were proposals from abroad, there were also proposals from Brazil, but I was already decided, I had talked to my family, I gave my word to Fábio Santos, I got along well in conversations with Duilio, I always made it clear, I gave up some things, but that’s the past, maybe looking for the Brazilian team, focused to help the club – said Róger, who also mentioned having chosen China for money.

Money that he gave up a good part of to close with Timão. And, because of that, it was given the chance to have most of its economic rights. Corinthians agreed to take less because it understood that it was necessary to close the deal and also to “reward” Róger Guedes’ dedication to the negotiation.

To SportTV Selection, including Duilio Monteiro Alves, president of Corinthians, said that the club will not stop the 24-year-old player from leaving in a year and a half, for example, so that he can recover the money he no longer earns now.

– It is important to make it clear that Corinthians has a percentage of their rights, but he kept a large part. Always in the name of transparency, in a year and a half, if it is his will and good for Corinthians, he can leave. He gave up a lot. If it’s for him to recover, Corinthians will be willing to talk differently from any other athlete – said Duilio.

Corinthians President Duilio Monteiro Alves participates in the SporTV team

Corinthians President Duilio Monteiro Alves participates in the SporTV team

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