Sérgio Mallandro da bronca in Sheep for homophobic comment

Sergio Mallandro
Sergio Mallandro (Reproduction/Youtube)

The presenter and comedian Sergio Mallandro he was extremely angry and changed his face during an interview he was doing with the singer Sheep, on your podcast “Talking Parrot”, on Youtube. The presenter was annoyed to hear a homophobic comment from the guest.

“My father told me: ‘be a great singer, just don’t become a chicken’. Chicken in the Northeast is a fag”, said Ovelha, recalling the beginning of his career.

“Come here, what do you have against fags, my brother? I have a friend who is a fag, I have a cousin who is a fag, there are people who work here with me who are a fag. Do you want to be lynched?”, countered Sergio Mallandro.

trying to explain, sheep replied: “In 1970, our training was different. I have nothing against anyone. It just can’t be done in the middle of the street because there are good children and people watching it”, he concluded.

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Sérgio Mallandro revealed Xuxa’s boyfriend

Recently, Sérgio Mallandro opened the game on the Podcast, Intelligence Ltd, on youtube, and said that Xuxa had an affair with a famous person. At the time, the comedian said that the queen of the short ones had a relationship with John F. Kennedy Jr. son of former president of the United States John F. Kennedy.

“I’ll even tell you a secret here that few people know. Xuxa had a stop with Kennedy’s son. See if she’s weak? She wasn’t weak, no. I was there in New York, and where is Xuxa? She went out with John John. Everyone wanted it. She was adored and one of the most powerful women in the world at that time,” he said.

Then, asked about a possible relationship with the blonde, the presenter said that there was no lack of advances on his part:

“She never wanted anything to do with me, but I tried all the time. Competition was strong too. But we live a lot together. When she was an extra on ‘Planeta dos Homens’, the recording was late and I would pick her up. She would often ride with me on a motorcycle to Marshal Hermes, where she lived. We were also going, me, she, Luiza Brunet and her husband, to Xuxa’s house in Praia Grande. She always had a lot of freedom and liked to sunbathe topless”,

It disturbed Xuxa’s moment

Still on Xuxa, the presenter Sérgio Mallandro, in an interview with columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper O Dia, confessed that he had already interfered with the sex of Xuxa and Ayrton Senna:

“How is she going to be upset that I tell you something that actually happened and that I actually witnessed it? Xuxa is my sister. I was in her house, in the room next door where she was with Ayrton Senna and I started screaming: ‘speed up, Ayrton!’. She went to the door and scolded me saying I was in the way. I messed up their sex,” she confessed.