Shit! With a committed boy, Jojo Todynho prefers silence

After Jojo Todynho confirmed he was dating, internet detectives went after the profile of the person chosen by the champion at Fazenda 12. And they discovered that the singer’s new partner, Marcio Felipe, already had a girlfriend. Yes, dear readers: the manager, who is also successful with dancing at TikTok, stayed with Jojo while he was still in contact with the manicurist Izabelle Branquinho. The news took over social networks and the column, of course, went looking for the singer. Through her advisor, Jojo says she won’t comment on this matter.

After the repercussion on the internet, who discovered that her boyfriend was with two at the same time, was Izabelle Branquinho, a manicurist who had been in a relationship with the entrepreneur for 1 month and a half. The subject quickly became one of the most talked about and was entitled to the sequence of stories explaining the confusion.

On Instagram, Izabelle explained that she found out about her then partner’s relationship with Jojo Todynho through the internet: “About a month and a half ago I started a relationship with someone and today I woke up to the news (on gossip sites) that he was also dating a famous person and since then my cell phone doesn’t stop”, he revealed.

The manicurist did not stop there: she decided to go and satisfy her now ex-boyfriend! Marcio Felipe, in addition to denying his relationship with Jojo, limited himself to apologizing: “Man, I’m just asking your forgiveness, man. It has nothing to do with fame, this stuff, it’s just that I ended up with her yes, sorry. I don’t even know what to say, I’m wrong and I’m aware of my mistake, but I’m not dating anyone, anyway. I’m ashamed, today I was thinking all morning, anyway. Just forgive me, man. Really forgive me”, said Marcio, in audio messages sent to Izabelle, on Whatsapp.

Then comes Wellington Rainha, influencer and friend of Izabelle. Deciding to explain the scroll to his followers, he made a sequence of Stories to make the drama experienced by his friend public: “People these stories really need to get there at Jojo, it’s not for nothing, but to alert her too that it’s promoting a great scoundrel,” he warned.

Subsequently, Rainha revealed photos and prints that prove the relationship between the businessman and the manicurist. In one of the records, Wellington shares photos of the two sleeping together; According to him, the images were taken the day before the news came out.

After the news went viral, Marcio Felipe recorded a sequence of videos driving Jojo Todynho’s car, alongside the funkeira. Internet users fell on top and called the entrepreneur a “click hunt”. The stories were deleted by him hours later.