Sikêra Jr. mocks RedeTV’s late-paying employees!

The strikers want a salary refund of 18.72% and claim that the last agreement approved was for the triennium from 2016 to 2018

Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

The presenter Sikêra Jr. scoffed at the strike movement of broadcasters from the station that asks for salary readjustment in TV network!.

During the National Alert program, the communicator met with some assistants who passed by the stage with signs written ‘CPF cancelled’, slang used by Sikêra to refer to the death of those accused of crimes.

“Hey, you, who’s at RedeTV’s door!. End it. Let’s work. Look, there are a lot of unemployed people wanting to take your place. This is not the time for that”, he stated.

Next, the presenter reacted to the statements made about his salary: “’Oh Sikera, you say you earn well’. It took so long, 33 years to arrive”, he said.

The presenter’s manifestation was seen as repulsion by the strikers who understood the act as ‘collective bullying’. “It’s a case of collective bullying. We all know that ‘CPF cancelled’ is militia slang for dead person. What does he mean by that?”, asked the director of the union of broadcasters and employee of RedeTV!, Hegberto Paschoa Balboni.

On Friday 3rd, the stoppage reaches its fourth day. Broadcasters participate in a conciliation hearing. The group wants a salary refund of 18.72% and they claim that the last agreement approved was for the triennium from 2016 to 2018. ”, said the strikers.

The TV Network! it even proposed a salary advance of 3.8% to the strikers, but the proposal was not accepted.

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