Sikêra Jr. says on the air that strikers on RedeTV! may lose their job

The owners of RedeTV! gained strong support in the clash against the striking broadcasters since dawn on Tuesday (31). Presenter Sikêra Jr. used his program on the network to criticize the move and suggest that the strikers could lose their jobs.

As her assistants walked across the stage with “CPF cancelled” signs, a “commemoration” she always makes when she announces the death of someone accused of a crime, Sikêra said: “Hey, you, you’re at RedeTV’s door! that. Let’s get to work. Look, there are a lot of unemployed people wanting to take your place. This is not the time for that.” The presenter’s comment was made during the “National Alert” on Thursday night (22).

The comment was seen by the strikers as a threat. “It’s a case of collective moral harassment,” protested Hegberto Paschoa Balboni, director of the broadcasters union and employee of RedeTV! “We all know ‘CPF canceled’ is militia slang for dead person. What does he mean by that?”

Sikêra anticipated criticism that it is easy for him, one of the network’s highest salaries, to take a stand against the movement. “People say you earn well,” he said, as if reproducing a criticism. And he replied: “It took 33 years to arrive”.

The strike movement is due to salary readjustments. RedeTV! offered a 3.8% raise for all categories in an attempt to avoid the strike. However, the proposal was rejected, because professionals claim that the wage gap is 18.72% — the last agreement approved was for the triennium between 2016 and 2018.

About the strike, RedeTV! released the following statement:

“The articulation promoted by the Union triggered an unprecedented fact: a strike without strikers, evidenced by the practically null adhesion to the movement, organized by radical unionists.

RedeTV! it has already informed that it will grant an anticipation of the salary readjustment of 3.8% to broadcasters.

All station operations are maintained and working normally, as well as the programming that remains on display without any changes.

RedeTV! will continue to carry out its activities together with its more than one thousand employees, refuting this movement, which is represented by around 30 strikers.