Snapdragon 898 makes faces on Geekbench showing lower score than its predecessor

The upcoming high-end Snapdragon 898 processor, which is expected to be included in several flagship phones debuting as the successor to the Snapdragon 888, has just starred in its first leak in the Geekbench database.

We know that despite the power to spare, its predecessor faces heat-related issues, so Qualcomm will have to adopt a frequency reduction.

The chipset must be manufactured in 4-nanometer lithography, which will guarantee you 20% more performance. Another interesting detail is the architecture of three clusters on the CPU, which would contribute to a faster usage experience.

Anyway, the semi-conductor was spotted by the leaker Abhishek Yadav, who shared the leak on Twitter. Apparently, the new processor was implemented in a cell phone from the brand vivo.

The first device to be commercially launched with the successor to the Snapdragon 888, which is codenamed “Taro”, is expected to be the upcoming Xiaomi 12. In addition, the chip is also expected to be included in the Legion Phone Duel 3 and Galaxy Tab S8.

Unfortunately Geekbench didn’t give us much information about the SD 898, except that its performance in numbers was lower than its predecessor, which contradicts the information that it would be 20 times faster than its predecessor.

It could be that the score of 720 on Single core and 1919 on multi-core was achieved in a scenario where the device had battery saving feature enabled, which severely restricts the CPU.

Another possibility is that the manufacturer is testing different ways to control temperatures. Anyway, 2 Cortex X2 cores at 2.42 GHz are mentioned as well as the Cortex-A710 at 2.17 GHz and the Cortex-A510 at 1.79 GHz. The chipset is expected to reach up to 3.09 GHz, according to recent leaks.

In other words, clearly the chipset was not running “full speed”. Not to mention the presence of the Adreno 730 GPU, which arrives as one of the great highlights due to its improved performance.