Starring Camila Cabello, Cinderella is massacred by critics

fans of Camila Cabello they were very excited about the debut of the movie “Cinderella”, starring the singer, on Amazon Prime Video this Friday (03), but the international specialized critic does not seem to share this animation and has been massacring the film.

And this discrepancy between public and critical opinions can be clearly seen in the current note of the new version of “Cinderella” on sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. While among critics, the film starring Camila has a rating below 50%, in the opinion of the public, the production, which still has the actors Billy Porter and Idina Menzel in the cast, it has an approval rating above 80%.

Camila Cabello Cinderela reviews
Photo: Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic

But not everything is negative: there are those who see good things in the new film of the classic Cinderella tale, including some praise for the acting of Camila Cabello.

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The Reviews of “Cinderella”

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The new production of the movie “Cinderella” comes in a musical format and this was quite explored, of course, by having a singer like Camila Cabello as the protagonist.

While for some people this was not a problem, for some critics it was.

“It’s poorly written and yet overly stuffed with songs, the entire production itself feels crappy and airless.” – The Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Times Cinderella
Photo: Metacritic

“With all the music, dresses and cheesy jokes, kids under the age of 10 are likely to enjoy the movie, and frankly, that’s what it was made for, not the millenials or Generation Z who grew up with Brandy or Hilary Duff .” – Chicago Tribune.

Cinderella critical Chicago Tribune
Photo: Metacritic

“’Cinderella’ has a lot less substance than other films in the [diretor] Kay Cannon, lately making this a forgettable movie, to see once.” – The Wrap

The Cinderella Wrap
Photo: Metacritic

Among the positive reviews, many highlight Camila Cabello’s resourcefulness in her movie debut.

“Popular singer-songwriter Camila Cabello makes her debut as an actress in the lead role, and she’s a revelation as the camera loves her and she shows off not only her expected vocals but also a true comedic talent with this version of ‘ Cinderella’ being particularly charming when she’s out there putting herself in embarrassing situations through her own fault.” – Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Sun Times Cinderella
Photo: Metacritic