STF determines reopening of requests for exemption from the Enem 2021 fee

The majority of the justices of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) voted to reopen the deadline for requests for exemption from the National High School Examination fee (And either) 2021. The virtual plenary session itself is in progress and will close at 23:59 this Friday, September 3rd.

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According to Minister Dias Toffoli, rapporteur of the vote, the right to exemption should be extended to those who managed to be free in Enem 2020 and missed the tests because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the STF ministers followed the rapporteur.

For the STF, several people stopped participating in Enem 2020 for fear of contracting Covid-19 and, therefore, could not justify their absence with documents. The last edition of Enem had 55% abstention, a record.

Six of the 11 ministers voted in favor of the reopening, forming a majority and, with that, the decision takes effect right after the end of voting. However, the immediate start of the measure may not take place if one of the five ministers who will still vote decides to ask for views or prominence (referral to the conventional plenary).

Understand the justification for absence from Enem

The STF was activated by student entities, such as the National Union of Students (UNE), the Brazilian Union of Secondary Students (Ubes) and Educafro. Ten parties also support the action – Citizenship, PC do B, PDT, PSB, PSOL, PSTU, PT, PV, Rede e Solidariedade.

The Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) also joined the process, manifesting itself against the requirement of justification.

“The decision of the Ministry of Education to make the request for fee exemption for absent candidates unfeasible will prevent countless poor students from entering higher education, which violates the social right to education.” (OAB)

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Reopening of registration

Another point highlighted by Toffoli is the decision to reopen Enem 2021 registrations only for candidates who have their requests for exemption accepted after the decision.

With this, the expectation is that low-income students and students from public schools who were unable to enroll due to lack of conditions to pay the fee will be able to enroll and participate in Enem on November 21st and 28th.

Find out who can request an exemption from the Enem fee

So far, the refund of the R$85 fee has not been discussed for those who did not have the excuse of absence accepted or did not have the opportunity to request it.

Fewer subscribers since 2005

Enem 2021 had the lowest number of confirmed entries since 2005, a time when the exam was not used for admission to higher education and the tests still had a simplified format. About 3 million people had their registrations confirmed for the tests.

Representative entities believe that many students failed to enroll due to the requirement to justify their absence in the last Enem, which prevented the granting of exemption from the R$ 85 fee.