STF prepares for risk of building attacks and ‘all possible scenarios’ on September 7th

  • Nathalia Birdie
  • From BBC News Brazil in London

Guard shadow in front of STF building, with several protesters in front

Credit, Reuters

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BBC News Brasil found that most ministers intend to avoid taking decisions with a high impact on the federal government until the demonstrations

Concerned about the potential for the Sept. 7 protests to be violent, the Supreme Court (STF) laid out plans for “every possible scenario” – from peaceful demonstrations to attempts at depredation and invasion of the building.

Meanwhile, as BBC News Brasil found out, the majority of STF ministers decided to put the brakes on, until next Tuesday (7/9), in decisions that have a direct impact on the federal government, such as those referring to the payment of court orders that may mean spending on public coffers.

The objective would be to avoid “fueling the fire” on the eve of the events called for Independence Day, in defense of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro. Even so, the climate among ministers is one of concern and attention to the adhesion of military police officers to the protests and to Bolsonaro’s reaction in the event of violence or attacks on Congress or the Supreme Court.

The entire STF security force will be present, as usually happens when there are protests on the Esplanade of Ministries. But this time there was an intense dialogue with the Federal District’s Public Security Secretariat to ensure the reinforcement of the DF’s security forces, such as PM, Detran and Civil Police.