Tankers from Minas to join the stoppage of transporters on September 7 – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Disclosure / Sindtanque-MG
Disclosure / Sindtanque-MG

The Union of Companies Transporting Fuels and Petroleum Derivatives of the State of Minas Gerais (Sindtanque-MG) announced this Friday (3rd) that it will support the stoppage of Brazilian transporters and transporters of fuel and oil products in the state during the upcoming September 7 holiday.

The category claims a lower price of fuel, which in the accumulated result for this year until July, has already registered an increase of 27.51% in the value of gasoline, while that of diesel accumulates an increase of 25.78%. Data are from the Extended National Consumer Price Index (IPCA)

According to the president of Sindtanque-MG, Irani Gomes, the category will support non-partisan demonstrations. “After several meetings with our category, we decided to support the demonstrations, as long as they are orderly, with a lot of responsibility and not partisan. We have the entire transport category in our country”, he stated.

Threat to strike in Minas:

Last week, fuel transporters from Minas threatened to go on strike if Governor Romeu Zema did not reduce the value of ICMS – Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services.

“Fuel currently represents a third or more of the state’s revenue. And what we are asking is that the Government return the ICMS on fuel to 12%. The category is disgusted with the situation, we are in a state of strike and at any moment the category will fold its arms”, warned the president of Sindtaque in an interview to Itatiaia.

Romeu Zema guaranteed that during his administration there was not and will not be an increase in taxes. Through a statement, the state said that to reduce the current ICMS rates it is necessary a unanimous authorization from CONFAZ – National Council for Finance Policy and that, as promised to the union, the claim was presented to the council last month . However, the request was rejected by the body, formed by the finance departments of the 26 states and the Federal District.