Tesla’s ‘popular’ electric car may not have steering wheels or pedals

Awaited with great anticipation, the ‘popular’ electric car from Tesla had more news released this week. Recently, according to the Electrek website, Elon Musk told company employees that the US automaker plans to launch its entry-level car, which will cost $25,000, in 2023.

In addition, Musk surprised by implying that the future compact might not even have a steering wheel. Tesla’s CEO recently commented:

Tesla will make an attractive $25,000 electric vehicle that will also be fully autonomous.

Tesla Model 2 Rendering

Tesla Model 2 – projection

He linked the release of Model 2, a tentative name, to the fact that Tesla was able to develop a fully autonomous system and finally asked his employees:

“We want this car to come with steering wheel and pedals?”

Talking about the estimated price of US$ 25,000, Elon Musk explains that this value can be reached thanks to the new cell developed by Tesla and the improvements in the battery production process, which could reduce the final cost of the accumulators by more than 50% .

Tesla’s entry-level electric car will be produced in China, where teams are working on the design and development of the model. It will be assembled at Gigafactory Shanghai to be exported to other global markets.

This is an ambitious plan that goes through the approval of the Full Self-Driving Beta software for its largest fleet in the United States by the end of September.

Once the software is in operation (still with driver intervention), Tesla will continuously improve it, using data from the fleet itself in order to make it much safer than driving carried out by human beings, until reaching the higher levels of automation.

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Source: Electrek