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Abilio Diniz
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What can one of the greatest entrepreneurs in Brazil teach you about facing challenges, achieving positive results at work and living a long life with quality? In the last episode of the podcast table for four, the billionaire Abilio Diniz, which made Pão de Açúcar one of the largest retailers in Brazil, shares precious life lessons to ensure personal and professional success.

At 84 years old and with an intense routine, he is currently the chairman of the Board of Directors of Península Participações and member of the Boards of Directors of Carrefour Global and Carrefour Brasil. In addition, he is a professor at FGV, where he teaches the 360° Leadership course.

You can check out Abilio Diniz’s tips for a full life in the text below, or listen to the full interview with emprisoner below:

  1. exercise your self-knowledge

Abilio Diniz emphasizes the importance of exercising self-knowledge in his speech to Mesa Pra Quatro. “When you know yourself better, it’s easier for you to get along with others,” he explains.

Recognized for his aggressive temperament, the entrepreneur is an advocate and current supporter of therapy for personal growth and development. “Taking therapy is an act of courage, not weakness,” he tells Mesa Pra Quatro. Today, his aggressiveness picture has improved a lot.

  1. take charge of your own life

In the podcast, the entrepreneur defends the importance of being the protagonists of our own lives, and disagrees with the notion of “letting life take you”. Abilio believes very little in destiny. His conviction is that people decide what they want to be.

“Imagine life as a road: try to be the driver of the car of life, not the passenger”, he says.

The entrepreneur also believes that being afraid is natural. The important thing is to distinguish whether this is real or imaginary.

  1. Work both your mind and your body

To the 84 years old, Abilio exudes health and disposition. The reason? In addition to always challenging your mind, the entrepreneur has been physically active since he was young. Running, swimming, boxing, triathlon… you’ve done it all.

Today, he follows an intense training routine. Work out every day for 2 hours. He does weight training (upper and lower), runs, boxing and squash.

Physical exercise helps maintain mobility and balance, which become weaker as we age. For Abílio, sports and other activities are fundamental for aging with health and disposition.

“If you try to delay aging, you are more likely not to get sick. In this sense, healthy eating, sport and mind are very important”, he says.

See the other topics covered in the interview with Abilio Diniz:

  • Skills valued in a good professional;
  • Brazilian economic context;
  • How to handle worries

Listen to the entire episode with one of the biggest Brazilian businessmen by playing the game below (or access Mesa Pra Quatro on your favorite platform):

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