Tiago Leifert rises to the next level at Globo and complicates Luciano Huck’s life

Tiago Leifert in charge of the Super Dance of the Famous (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Tiago Leifert in charge of the Super Dance of the Famous (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

James Leifert managed to stand out in recent months by being more than a simple “buffer” of Faustian on Sunday nights of Globe. And he became a problem for the newly promoted Luciano Huck.

Leifert arrived on Sundays suddenly in mid-June. Initially, only for one time in the place of the then holder of Domingão, who was being treated. Right away, now stood out for its spontaneity and won the sympathy of viewers.

With the definitive departure of Fausto Silva after termination with Globo, he took over until the official replacement was ready. And he made this “lemon, a lemonade”, leaving his own mark on the program.

The presenter, who was just a “buffer” as Huck prepared for his new post, won over the audience. He didn’t try to imitate anyone, nor to look up to Faustão. Printed his own way ahead of Super Dance of the Famous.

For Globo, a relief to Leifert’s good acceptance amid a time of drastic programming changes. These changes could spill over into the audience and billing of one of the noblest tracks on TV.

The BBB holder arrived quietly and ingratiated himself with the public as he made room for Huck. So much so that there were even those who asked the station to forget about Angelica’s husband and make it effective as a substitute for Faustão.

James Leifert complicates Huck’s situation

If for Globo Leifert’s acceptance was a relief, for Luciano Huck it became a problem. He debuts his new show, Domingão with Huck, with the shadow of his predecessor. Comparisons will be inevitable. And the former commander of Caldeirão will have to live with them for some time. This time can be a lot, in case it is not able to stand out and overshadow the passage of the predecessor “buffer”.

Amidst the changes in the grid of the Rio station, who came out on top was the BBB presenter. His performance in front of the program, praised by the public, certainly earned him many points with the direction of the channel. And that will help him to, who knows, take new flights a few years from now.

About that, Luciano Huck, which was already in public wear and tear because of its political involvement, will have to face comparisons. And he will have to overcome himself to win the audience that once belonged to Faustão and that Leifert conquered in the short time he spent on Sunday nights at Globo.

Victor Peccoli

Advertiser graduated from Faculdade Pitágoras and screenwriter from Casa Aguinaldo Silva de Artes. Works in TV and famous journalism since 2013.