SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Tirullipa, 36, said he had a motorcycle accident inside the condominium where he lives and had to undergo shoulder surgery. In the operation it was necessary to place eleven screws and a plate.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

In videos posted on Instagram this Thursday (2), the comedian claimed not to have talked about it before because he likes to sell joy. “I hate coming here to show sadness, bad stuff, cry. You’ll hardly see me do that.”

He, however, decided to explain what happened after Wesley Safadão went to his house and showed him with a sling and a bandage on his shoulder.

Tirullipa said he suffered the accident on August 27th. “I have an electric motorcycle that everyone has in the condominiums. Every day I go to play footvolley and go on a motorbike and come back. And in one of these loops, I went between a speed bump and the sidewalk, we always go through that space where the tire fits. I always passed by and on Fridays, I got chipped”, he said.

The comedian added that fortunately the accident was not more serious. “I thank God I didn’t hit my head. I fell over, I went to support my arm in the fall, I fractured my collarbone. I had surgery, eleven screws and a plate”, he said.

He added that he should keep the sling for about 20 more days and will need physical therapy. Finally, he warned about the precautions to avoid accidents. “Moto is not kidding. You can’t be too careful. You have to wear a helmet”.