Tocantins has 293 new cases of Covid and three more deaths from the disease | Tocantins

Tocantins registered 293 new cases of coronavirus this Friday (3). According to data from the epidemiological bulletin released by the State Department of Health (SES), 48 diagnoses are from the last 24 hours. Three more deaths were also confirmed by Covid-19. With the update, the state started to accumulate 219,746 infected and 3,696 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Patients who did not resist were over 80 years old. The victims are:

  1. 81-year-old male resident of Colinas do Tocantins. Comorbidities: not reported. Death on 13/04/21 at Hospital Geral de Palmas.
  2. 85-year-old male, resident of Wanderlândia. Comorbidities: not reported. Risk factor: chronic alcoholism. Death on 05/13/21 at the Xambioá Regional Hospital.
  3. Male, 84 years old, resident of Ponte Alta do Tocantins. Comorbidities: not reported. Death on 02/05/21 at Hospital Palmas Medical.

Palmas had 128 new Covid-19 diagnoses. The city is the most affected by the disease, with 50,594 diagnoses and 619 deaths.

Araguaína recorded 35 diagnoses. The municipality now has 36,829 cases and 515 deaths.

All 139 municipalities in Tocantins have confirmed cases of the disease. See below the 10 cities most affected by the coronavirus. The complete list can be found on the Coronavirus website of the State Department of Health.

According to SES, of the total cases, 210,048 patients have recovered and 6,002 people are currently with the active virus doing follow-up and isolation. In all, 168 people are hospitalized because of the disease, with 80 undergoing treatment in public ICU beds and 28 in private intensive care units. The others are in clinical beds.

According to the Integra Saúde website, no patient is waiting for a vacancy in a clinical bed or an ICU bed. The update was made this Friday (3), at 11:43 am. Follow the data here.

Vaccination against Covid-19

Data from the Vacinometer, the Government portal that monitors immunization in Tocantins, show that the state received 1,604,670 doses of vaccines from the Ministry of Health, of which 1,426,928 were distributed to municipalities and 1,217,651 were applied.

There are 848,401 referring to the application of the first dose, 339,168 to the second dose of the vaccine and 30,082 to the single dose. The last update was made at 10:01 am this Friday (3).

Occupation of ICU beds in hospitals

See hospital occupancy. The last update was made at 11:43 am this Friday (3).

  • Municipal Hospital de Campanha de Araguaína – 60% occupancy
  • State Hospital for Combating Covid-19 – 90% occupancy
  • Palmas General Hospital (ICU Covid) – 27% occupancy
  • Gurupi General Hospital – 55% occupancy
  • Regional Hospital of Augustinópolis – 40% occupancy
  • Porto Nacional Regional Hospital – 10% occupancy
  • Regional Hospital of Araguaína – 53% occupancy
  • Gurupi Regional Hospital – 44% occupancy

See how the occupation of private beds hired by the state is:

  • Oswaldo Cruz Hospital – 100% occupancy
  • Hospital Dom Orione in Araguaína – 47% occupancy
  • Instituto Sinai Araguaína – 40% occupancy
  • Santa Thereza Hospital – 0% occupancy

Hospital statistics data from all units can be checked on the Integra Saúde portal.

Cities most affected by the pandemic

  • Palmas – 50,594 cases and 619 deaths
  • Araguaina – 36,829 cases and 515 deaths
  • Gurupi – 14,810 cases and 268 deaths
  • Porto Nacional – 9,730 cases and 207 deaths
  • Paraíso do Tocantins – 8,056 cases and 178 deaths
  • Colinas do Tocantins – 7,838 cases and 157 deaths
  • Guaraí – 3,389 cases and 78 deaths
  • Formoso do Araguaia – 3,280 cases and 65 deaths
  • Araguatins – 2,518 cases and 67 deaths
  • Miranorte – 2,492 cases and 58 deaths