“Too gay” Ranger Raptor is Ford’s answer to internet bully

Once again let’s talk about the internet, this tool that connects people all over the world and can be used to search for knowledge. But it also serves to connect bad people and spread lies. European Ford decided to respond to one of these internet “trolls” with a Ranger Raptor.

It all started with the commercial below, designed to promote a special edition of Ranger Raptor. The commercial itself is interesting because of the wild west theme and the maneuvers with the pickup. But an internet bully commented that the blue paint was “too gay” and suggested a more masculine scheme, like black and gold or camouflage.


Ford’s answer

The European branch commented on its twitter profile “Very gay was a compliment, right?” together with a montage of a golden ranger in the colors of the LGBTQIA+ flag. The answer wasn’t just in the networks, Ford painted a Ranger Raptor that way.

The “very gay” pickup was taken to the pride parade in Berlin, an event that Ford has participated in since 1997. In one of the photos released, Ranger is with a Ford Ka transformed into a pickup truck. This car was a concept that was later painted to promote the GLOBE program, which has represented LGBTQIA+ employees for 25 years.

Photos: Ford | Disclosure