Toshiba warns component shortages will last through 2022 •

Do not foresee improvements anytime soon.

Toshiba has warned that component shortages will continue through 2022 and that no improvements are expected in the coming months.

According to Bloomberg, Takeshi Kamebuchi, director of the division responsible for semiconductors at Toshiba, the supply of chips has been very restricted and will remain so until at least September 2022. Kamebuchi even says that some customers may find it difficult to buy products until in 2023.

Bloomberg also says that an executive at an electronics assembly company spoke specifically about video game consoles and that every day companies call vendors to see if they can get the components they need.

One of the ways around the problem could be to change the internal design of the consoles to reduce the quantity and components needed, something that Sony has already done with the latest model of the PS5.

“Console manufacturers are among the most demanding customers and I truly regret their frustration as none are 100% satisfied,” said the Toshiba executive.

Over the past few months, companies such as Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Samsung have commented on the situation and how they expect to continue to experience difficulties in manufacturing their products, which consequently affects the world’s stock.

After forecasts that pointed to improvements for this Christmas, we now have companies adjusting the forecasts and already aiming for a 2022 with stock problems.