TRF still has no date to judge habeas corpus merits of ‘cryptocurrency pharaoh’ | Rio de Janeiro

According to the investigations, Glaidson, whose professional background was as a waiter, quickly turned over R$ 2 billion in the bills.Letycia Rocha (RC24h)

Published 09/03/2021 5:24 PM

Rio – The Federal Regional Court of the 2nd Region (TRF2) still has no date to judge the merits of the Habeas Corpus presented by the defense of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, 38, suspected of running a financial pyramid scheme with cryptocurrencies that may have moved tens of billions of reais since 2014. On Thursday (2), federal judge André Ricardo Cruz Fontes denied the release injunction presented by the businessman’s defense, who says that the prison is “unjustifiable” and tries to grant provisional freedom .

Judge Marcello Ferreira de Souza Granado and the summoned federal judge Flávio Oliveira Lucas, who is in court on account of the retirement of judge Abel Fernandes Gomes, are part of the collegiate body. They may or may not follow the vote of the rapporteur, who determined the maintenance of the preventive detention of the former waiter and former pastor.

The businessman was arrested on the 25th, during an operation by the Federal Police. According to the investigations, Glaidson’s company, which operates in the cryptocurrency market, is responsible for a pyramid scheme, which promised an “unsustainable financial return on the amount invested”, leaving investors at a loss.
The defense regretted the judge’s decision and informed, in a note, that the company’s legal body will file appropriate appeals, in higher courts, “as soon as possible, as it understands that the arrest is unnecessary and unjustifiable.” The defense also said that “it is certain that truth and justice will always prevail and will spare no efforts for the company’s CEO to recover his right to freedom.”

In operation “Kryptos”, PF agents found gold bars, luxury cars and around R$14 million in cash, which were transported by a strong car to the headquarters of the Federal Police, at Glaidson’s house. The operation served five arrest warrants and 15 search and seizure warrants. In the action, agents also seized 591 bitcoins, equivalent to R$147.7 million; 21 luxury vehicles; various high value watches, jewelry, cell phones and documents.