President Jair Bolsonaro is the target of a live inquiry at the TSE in which he spoke of electoral fraud.| Photo: Alan Santos/Presidency of the Republic

Some of the ministers of the Superior Electoral Court are discussing the possibility of making President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) ineligible in 2022, denying the registration of his candidacy in case of an electoral crime. The information is from the newspaper The State of São Paulo. Bolsonaro has against him an administrative inquiry opened at the TSE after live in which he said there had been electoral fraud in 2018 and, according to ministers, the results of the September 7 demonstrations could offer new elements to incriminate the president.

Complementary Law 64/1990 defines cases of ineligibility and includes “those who have representation against their person judged to be valid by the Electoral Court, in a final decision or rendered by a collegiate body, in the process of investigation of abuse of economic or political power, for the election in which they are running or have been graduated”, text included by the Clean Sheet Law. The inquiry against Bolsonaro is being conducted by the magistrate’s magistrate Luís Felipe Salomão, the same person responsible for the recent order to demonetize several sites, all with the same ideological bias, further to the right.

However, specialists and the ministers themselves heard by the São Paulo newspaper consider that the declaration of ineligibility would be an “unconventional” alternative, “reckless because there are no precedents” and “unorthodox”.