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After an error in the final results of the entrance exam, the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) corrected the result and changed the list of those approved. As a result, 31 candidates who were listed as approved in the first disclosure lost their vacancy and were reassigned to the waiting list.

O G1 gathered the justification and also possible consequences of this measure. see below.

Change in the approved list

The change in the approved list was published through a correction note published on the UFPR’s Contests Center website (NC-UFPR). The announcement was made on Wednesday (1st), the day after the first publication.

  • See the full correction note here

The original result was even published in advance by the university.

There was no way to open vacancies for those removed from the list, says dean

Dean of UFPR apologizes for errors in the list of those approved for the entrance exam

Dean of UFPR apologizes for errors in the list of those approved for the entrance exam

The dean of UFPR, professor Ricardo Marcelo da Fonseca, apologized to the students for the mistake. According to him, the team considered trying to open vacancies to accommodate the 31 students whose names were removed from the lists, with correction.

However, according to Fonseca, this solution is not allowed by law. The dean informed that he learned that there was no such possibility after consulting the legal coordinator of UFPR and the Ministry of Education (MEC).

The internal regulations for the expansion of places at universities, in particular for the medical course, are quite restrictive, according to Fonseca.

He commented that, in relation to the medical course, which was the one that had the most name changes, there is an ordinance of the MEC that prohibits the creation of new courses or the expansion of vacancies.

“From a formal and legal point of view, it was impossible for us, although that was what we had intended from the beginning: to expand internal vacancies to accommodate all those students whose names were mistakenly on the first list. In light of this diagnosis, we had no alternative “, he said.

The team from the Núcleo de Concursos and others responsible for the university entrance exam was retained.

The dean commented that he believes that the damage caused to students removed from the list should be reduced as new complementary calls are made.

“It’s a serious problem. Nobody is unaware of the drama of these people. I don’t want to diminish that. Our apologies are sincere. I’m hopeful that this regrettable error is effectively alleviated with the complementary calls. I say this by the complementary call numbers of previous years,” he said .

Previously scheduled for September 9, the list of those approved was published on Tuesday (31). That’s because, according to UFPR, the objective was to facilitate the process so that freshmen could complete procedures by the beginning of the school year.

Due to the pandemic, the institution even held a virtual mud bath at the time of disclosure. Students who were removed from the approved list participated in the celebration.

Explanation for the rectification

UFPR says that "punctual failure" caused errors in the disclosure of the entrance exam results

UFPR says that “punctual failure” caused errors in the disclosure of the entrance exam results

According to a note released by UFPR, the rectification of the list of approved candidates was made after the institution identified a failure “in the processing of results”.

According to the university, the error meant that the system did not compute the adjustments in the grades of 467 candidates who filed an appeal in relation to the correction of the wording and had the request accepted by the board.

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According to Alexandre Trovon, professor and head of the UFPR’s Contests Center, the reason for the failure was the adjustment suffered because of the application of the tests in a single phase, due to the pandemic scenario.

UFPR informed that it only noticed the incorrect process after the disclosure of the result.

  • ‘There was no other alternative but to correct the grades’, says coordinator of the Núcleo de Contests

According to the university, a commission of inquiry was set up to investigate the error. Alexandre Trovon also stated that the university regrets what happened, which he said was a “one-off error”.

The individual performance of students was released on the 1st, and the academic registration for those who passed takes place until the 8th of September.

Possible developments

According to lawyer Alynne Ferreira Nunes, who works in an office specializing in educational law, students affected by the UFPR error can file a lawsuit in court for moral damages.

According to the expert, the rectification of the result generates a expectation break in candidates who have gone through the vacancy loss process.

“Students pay, apart from those who get exemption, the fee to participate in the process and trust the institution. They create expectations that are broken and cause damage, because the institution did not act in good faith, it was remiss,” he said.

In addition, the lawyer explained that the legal measures are also important for the UFPR to explain the reason for the error and also, many times, to be ordered to pay compensation with a pedagogical foundation so that the failure does not occur again.

Alynne also explained that the way the university acts towards students can weigh on the legal process.

At this moment, according to her, it is important to make the progress of the selection process personal, that is, for the university to get in direct contact with each student affected by the error.

The lawyer also pointed out that another factor that could weigh against UFPR is the fact that the Núcleo de Concursos was the target of lawsuits in February, when it suspended the Civil Police examination test hours before the exam.

  • Court denies indemnity for pain and suffering to candidates for a postponed civil service examination of the Paraná Civil Police

For her, however, the possibility of these students affected by the error in the entrance exam grades regain their vacancy is remote. This is because, according to the lawyer, federal universities work with places authorized for the year by the Ministry of Education.

In addition, the courses have a specific structure and the addition of students above the specified vacancies can disrupt program management.

Gabriel even shaved his hair to celebrate approval — Photo: Personal Archive/Gabriel Zimermann

For Gabriel Zimermann, 20 years old, the joy of his dream come true of passing the entrance exam for medicine at UFPR was transformed into disappointment.

After nearly four years of trying to pass the course, the young man even got together with family and friends to celebrate his victory and also have a traditional hair shave.

“I opened and reopened about five times [a lista] to be sure. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even know what to think. […] It was the whole night without being able to sleep, I was really sad”, he said.

  • ‘I’d rather not have gone straight than they let plans be made,’ said student removed from the approved list

In addition, some students who lost their place also created a page on a social network. They claim to want to “fight for the jobs”.