UK already has a plan for the day of the Queen’s death, says newspaper

The newspaper Politico says it has obtained documents detailing the UK government’s plans for the day of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who this year celebrated her 95th birthday.

According to the publication, the plan is called “operation London Bridge” and covers topics such as who should pass the news to whom, and how to organize the crowds that must travel to London for the funeral.

In the documents, the Queen’s day of death is defined as “D-Day”, and serves as a reference for the following days: “D-Day + 1”, “D-Day + 2” and so on.

After the monarch’s death, a “cascade of connections” will break the news to top politicians and Crown officials. The cabinet secretary is expected to send an e-mail to some ministers and civil servants saying: “Dear colleagues, it is with regret that I am writing to inform you of the death of Her Majesty the Queen.”

Once this email has been sent, the flags on Whitehall Street, the UK’s administrative center, should be placed at half-mast within ten minutes.

Prince Charles will be crowned king the next day at 10 am. At 3:30 pm, he will have a meeting with the prime minister and council of ministers — they will be instructed not to bring their spouses.

The funeral is planned for ten days after the Queen’s death, and the day will function as an optional holiday – but it cannot be called that. At noon, the entire country will have two minutes of silence in honor of the monarch.

The national departments of transport, foreign affairs and the civil house also already have plans to control crowds and ensure that London is not overburdened with accommodation, transport, food and other basic services.