UK investigates leaked plan for the day of the Queen’s death

An investigation was opened by the Government Office after a plan entitled ‘Operation London Bridge’, for the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, was unveiled today on the Politico website.

According to The Mirror, the UK began a hunt for the culprit behind the leak after palace officials said they were “deeply frustrated” by the breach. Also according to the British tabloid, the Cabinet is already investigating the publication of the Queen’s funeral plans. They believe the leak may have come from Whitehall, the UK’s administrative center.

Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, who previously worked for Prince William, is not expected to decide on a formal investigation until next week. However, a government source told the Mirror that “neither the Palace nor the Government are particularly happy when escapes of this nature occur.”

“We will see which version has emerged and we will be able to determine whether this dereliction of duty requires a formal government investigation,” the source concluded.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is likely to face questions about how the full 10-day program for what will happen after the Queen’s death was first published in detail.

Plans reveal that London will be “full” as millions of people flock to the capital to pay their respects. Furthermore, after being proclaimed King, Prince Charles will embark on a tour of the United Kingdom in Operation Spring Tide.