Ultra-fast transport to connect Porto Alegre to Serra in 20 minutes should cost R$115 per person, company estimates | Studio 87.7 FM Radio

According to Portal G1, HyperloopTT’s ultra-fast modal, which intends to connect Porto Alegre to Caxias do Sul, in Serra, in 20 minutes, will cost the user an estimated R$115, according to the company’s director for Latin America, Ricardo Penzin .

The results of the pre-feasibility study of the system, the first carried out in Latin America, are presented this Thursday morning (2). The agreement for the study was signed by the company together with the state government and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).

With the system, the 135 km journey, which takes two hours in a car journey, can be accomplished in 19 minutes and 45 seconds, at a maximum speed of up to 835 km/h.

Ricardo compares the fare to an app car race between the Capital and the city of Serra, which would cost around R$250, and would take at least two hours. A bus ticket costs between R$47 and R$60.

The route includes another two stops before Caxias do Sul. From Porto Alegre to Novo Hamburgo, the ticket would cost R$30. And from the Capital to Gramado, it would be R$105.

The feasibility study considered the period of five years for the start of system implementation.

The starting point of the station will be Porto Alegre Airport, with an area of ​​55 thousand square meters (20 thousand for passengers and 35 thousand for cargo). There will be an underground station in Gramado, as the modal will pass under the city.

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