Unimed initiative takes Criolo film-concert to be seen in 50 countries

Film-concert Criolo Samba em 3 Tempos was seen for free on Teatro Unimed's website, in 50 countries
Film-concert Criolo Samba em 3 Tempos was seen for free on Teatro Unimed’s website, in 50 countries

Credit: Publicity / Unimed Theater

One of the most recent initiatives of the Teatro Unimed em Casa project, the film-concert Criolo Samba em 3 Tempos was seen by around 45 thousand people, in 50 countries, from all continents, during the three weeks it was on display. The main objective of Teatro Unimed’s project is to take original and quality artistic production to where people are, contributing to increase free access to culture in times of social isolation. All shows are seen for free, online, on the website www.teatrounimed.com.br.

“We know how much people’s health and well-being are impacted by art, culture and leisure. Maintaining access to Teatro Unimed’s shows, even in the face of the scenario we are still experiencing, is an important delivery for all of society. Through cooperativism and partnerships that benefit the entire sector, we are happy to have another artist of this prestige in the Theater’s programming. Follow and enjoy, free of charge, this production, which brings health, joy and quality entertainment to everyone”, says Luiz Paulo Tostes Coimbra, president of Central Nacional Unimed.

“It is a great joy to have Criolo as the first music star to be part of Teatro Unimed’s programming, starring in the first concert film we produced. Like Criolo, we are also dedicated to innovating in our cultural production, always with quality and in defense of respect for diversity and wide access to culture and leisure, while at the same time calling attention to initiatives to support professionals from arts in times of pandemic”, declares Fernando Tchalian, CEO of developer Reud, controller of Teatro Unimed.

The film Criolo Samba em 3 Tempos continued the 2021 schedule of Teatro Unimed, as part of the Teatro Unimed Em Casa project, which premiered in 2020 with Luis Miranda, in Madame Sheila, and opened in 2021 with the show Dez por Dez, by Neil LaBute adapted by the Leme Brothers and starring Angela Vieira, Bruno Mazzeo, Chandelly Braz, Denise Fraga, Eucir de Souza, Ícaro Silva, Johnny Massaro, Leopoldo Pacheco, Luisa Arraes and Pathy Dejesus. Currently, the project shows the program Hora de Naná, a series of interviews conducted by Naná Karabachian with personalities such as Ana Carolina, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Mart’nália, Elias Andreato, Seu Jorge and Claudia Raia.

Once again, Criolo innovated in his artistic production, starring in his first film-concert, which was directed by filmmaker Monique Gardenberg. In a scenario set up at Teatro Unimed, in São Paulo, creating an intimate samba environment, without any reference to the audience, the film Criolo Samba em 3 Tempos reproduced the atmosphere of a true samba circle, marking the first performance of a singer in the theater schedule. “It is with great happiness that I meet Monique Gardenberg, who is a great director and she gave me and my team all the assurance of knowing that we were going to make a work of art. In this concept of cinema concert, we were in good hands and a job was done with a lot of dedication, with a lot of dedication, with a lot of affection, with a lot of love to reach people’s homes, in people’s hearts. And here is my thanks to the whole team, my thanks to Monique for this opportunity and we are experiencing it. A lot of dedication, a lot of love, a lot of commitment involved in a team that only thought about art all the time”, declared Criolo.

At all times of preparation, assembly, testing, filming and disassembly, all professionals involved were carefully monitored with continuous records of health conditions and submitted to tests by the diagnostic medicine network High Diagnostic Excellence, a reference in technology, innovation and medical quality , with a focus on humanized care (www.altadiagnosticos.com.br). In addition, as has been a daily practice at Unimed Theater and at the Santos-Augusta Building, all the usual protocol of anti-Covid actions was carried out, with continuous cleaning of equipment, accessories, floors and environments, general mandatory use of mask, periodic hand hygiene, wide social distance and daily disinfection of the places.

During this pandemic period and with each free online show, Teatro Unimed has reinforced the importance of initiatives to support art professionals, strongly affected by the decrease in work, inviting the public to collaborate in some way. So it was with the Fundo Marlene Colé (www.fundomarlenecole.com.br), in Dez por Dez, and with the APTR – Association of Theater Producers, in Madame Sheila. Now, in Criolo Samba em 3 Tempos, everyone gathers to draw attention to Backstage Invisível (www.backstageinvisivel.com.br), a movement that collects and distributes food baskets to art professionals who work behind the curtains. They are technicians, porters, assemblers, security guards, cleaning crews, assistants, producers, drivers and several other professionals, whose families have faced a situation of food insecurity, at a time when many stages are still empty.