Unimed Volta Redonda is among the Amazing Places to Work

The cooperative is recognized for the tenth year for the high levels of people’s satisfaction

Unimed in Volta Redonda remains among the best places to work
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Round Round – For the tenth year, Unimed Volta Redonda is recognized in the organizational climate survey. The Cooperative, for the second consecutive year, is among the companies recognized as Incredible Places to Work, an initiative by UOL and the Administration Institute Foundation (FIA/USP) which evaluated Brazilian companies with the highest levels of satisfaction among their employees. In the general ranking, Unimed Volta Redonda occupies the 41st position among the 120 awarded companies. In terms of size, it occupies the 10th position among the 30 large companies awarded. By sector, it ranked 6th among the 16 awarded companies that are part of the Health Services group. The Cooperative was also elected eight times as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Brazil.

“This recognition is the result of the relationship of trust that we have built with people for over 30 years”, says the president of the cooperative, Dr. Luiz Paulo Tostes Coimbra.

He points out that one of the organization’s main differentials is that its organizational culture is supported by the Unimed Way of Caring (JUC), based on the pillars: Kindness, Respect and Competence. “Our JUC is a commitment assumed in the relationships with the cooperating physician, collaborator, client, supplier and society as a whole. Today, we are recognized for our Unimed Way of Caring”, says Dr. Luiz Paulo.

According to the president, the organization must always expand opportunities for the professional development of employees, based on technical and behavioral skills. Therefore, it is necessary that people are and feel valued. The team’s perception of the work environment is fundamental for engagement and for the organizational climate.

“We encourage our employees to be protagonists of their own careers. We believe in people and invest in the generation of competence, we pride ourselves on training, retaining talent and promoting an exchange of knowledge, thus contributing to the development and growth of our professionals”, says the president.

And the impetus to invest in people only grows. Unimed Volta Redonda, for example, transformed its Training Center into the Lóbus Training, Teaching and Research Institute. “The proposal is to guarantee the qualification of professionals and offer training in the health area to interested parties throughout the country”, explains Dr. Luiz Paulo.

“We are very proud to say that throughout our history we have always believed in people and we will continue to invest in the development of each one so that everyone can grow”, says the president, adding that, during the pandemic, taking care of the health of employees and their cooperating physicians became even more essential.

As soon as it was realized how serious the scenario caused by Covid-19 was, Unimed Volta Redonda was dedicated to preserving the health of all its audiences. It removed professionals from the risk group, adopted measures to protect those who remained working, always following all the health guidelines recommended by the Ministry of Health and, in some cases, determining even stricter measures.

In just three days, the Cooperative created an exclusive Special Support Unit for patients with symptoms of Covid-19, supporting the Emergency Room; implemented online guidance, a direct video call with the physician and set up an institutional committee to monitor the evolution of the coronavirus, which continues to work. Measures that brought comfort and safety to both customers and the internal public.

The home office was implemented as early as March 2020. Employees received a kit with furniture and accessories to work from home with more comfort, safety and ergonomics. The professionals who remained in the face-to-face work, in addition to hygiene and distancing rules, are also monitored by the Specialized Services in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine – SESMT team, which promotes screening, awareness campaigns, guidance and distribution of masks.

The Cooperative also debuted and expanded initiatives, such as the Psychological and Emotional Support Program, which makes an organizational psychology team available to the internal public, and also started to offer digital services through a specific platform. There was also special attention.

About the search

Promoted by UOL and Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA), the first edition of the Incredible Places to Work Award highlights Brazilian companies with the highest levels of satisfaction among people. The initiative evaluated the work environment, organizational culture, leadership performance and satisfaction with HR services. The award is based on the FIA ​​Employee Experience survey, prepared by Professor Dr. André Fischer, coordinator of the People Management Studies Program (Progep/FIA) and one of the pioneers of this type of analysis in the Brazilian market, and by Professor Dr. Joel Dutra, coordinator of Progep/FIA and one of the biggest references in people management in the country.

The research methodology led by Fischer has been developed since 1982 and was perfected in the 14 years of partnership with the Best Companies to Work Award, published between 2006 and 2019 by Você S/A magazine. The new research, which this year was 100% digitally verified, started from new parameters, informed both by the current situation, with the Covid-19 pandemic, and by the new conclusions of organizational psychology in recent years.