Vasco is in a draw with Brasil de Pelotas on the night of a new failure by Vanderlei and Cano losing a penalty

O Vasco da Gama received the Brasil de Pelotas in São Januário for the 22nd round of the Serie B of the Brazilian Championship this Friday night (3). After Cano lost the penalty, Erison and Daniel Amorim scored and the teams were tied 1-1.

The first half was of absolute dominance by Cruzmaltino, with clear chances of goal in the absence of Zeca, who went over the goal, and Gabriel Pec’s shot in the small area, with a defense by Matheus Nogueira.

But the move that generated the most discussion was that João Siqueira’s penalty on Léo Matos was signaled by Alisson Furtado. After a review in the VAR cabin, the field marking was canceled, with the Vasco team complaining.

A new penalty, however, was assigned, this time from Arthur Henrique in Morato. In charge, Cano ended up wasting, with a great defense by Matheus Nogueira.

And, like someone who doesn’t take it, Vanderlei left playing wrong, Netto kicked on top of the goalkeeper, who slapped it on the feet of Erison, who didn’t forgive and opened the scoring.

On minute 37, Andrey took a free kick on the crossbar and, on the rebound, Daniel Amorim put the ball in the back of the net. But the striker would score again at 44, in a corner shifted to the back of the net, this time, valid.

All stoppages due to VAR or service ended up generating 11 minutes of increase, but nothing else occurred.

Championship status

Vasco parks in the middle of the table, with the mark of 32 points, being in 9th position. Brazil follows in 19th, but with 15 points.

The ace of the game: Matheus Nogueira

The Xavante archer was the main highlight of the match, from the first half. He made great saves from the start and, in the second stage, defended Cano’s penalty kick, helping his team to win a point.

Cano’s drought follows

In the last nine games, the Argentine striker has failed to score. With Lisca, he scored only once, on his debut. Tonight, he wasted penalty.

It was bad: Vanderlei

The goalkeeper from Vasco has been making mistakes regularly. In the game against Brazil, he failed twice in the same move and ended up ‘helping’ to generate the opponent’s goal.

was scolded

At the end of the first half, Léo Matos, who suffered the penalty canceled by the VAR, made harsh criticisms of the system and the cancellation of the marking, in an interview with Premiere.

upcoming games

In the next round, Vasco visits the Hawaii, while Brazil receives the Confidence, in your house.


Vasco 1 x 1 Brasil de Pelotas

GOALS: Daniel Amorim (Vasco); Erison (Brazil)

VASCO: Vanderlei; Léo Matos, Miranda, Castán and Zeca; Andrey, Caio Lopes (Galarza) and Marquinhos Gabriel (Figueiredo); Léo Jabá, Cano (Daniel Amorim) and Gabriel Pec (Morato). Technician: Lisca

BRAZIL OF PELLETS: Matheus Nogueira; Vidal, Ícaro, Arthur and João Siqueira; Diego Gomes (Alan Dias), Rômulo (Gabriel Terra) and Bruno Matias; Kevin (Héverton), Erison (Caio Rangel) and Netto (Rone). Technician: Cléber Gaucho