VIDEO: DF police apprehend 93 luxury cars, valued at R$ 18 million, suspected of using the card | Federal District

The Civil Police of the Federal District seized, this Thursday (2), 93 luxury cars, valued at BRL 18 million (see video above), with a group suspected of applying scams to bank customers in Brasília. Three men and one woman were arrested in the city of São Paulo and are expected to be liable for embezzlement and money laundering.

The search and seizure warrants were issued by the Court for the Federal District and cities in São Paulo. Among the goods that were seized are vehicles such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, in addition to R$ 580 thousand in cash, luxury items, hundreds of bank cards and cell phone chips.

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DF Police seize 93 luxury cars, valued at R$ 18 million — Photo: PCDF/Divulgação

The investigation found that the suspects called the victims pretending to be from the bank and said that there was a problem with the card, especially elderly people, and that they needed to make the exchange.

“They offered a motorcycle courier service to pick up the supposedly cloned cards in their homes, and from then on, in possession of the cards, make withdrawals from the victims’ accounts and make purchases at large wholesalers using the cards, especially electronic devices, televisions and smartphones,” police said.

Luxury cars seized by PCDF — Photo: PCDF/Disclosure

According to investigators, criminals laundered money in luxury car stores in São Paulo. The gang moved around R$ 14 million per year per year, according to the police.

The second phase of the operation, called “Captis”, involved around 130 civil police officers, simultaneously in the Federal District and in the cities of São Paulo and Guarujá.

Cards and money seized by PCDF with suspected embezzlement — Photo: PCDF/Divulgação

Already the first step, “lothur operation“, took place in 2018. At the time, 12 members of the criminal group were indicted. The investigation pointed out that the suspects carried out the scams in Brasília, carrying out the withdrawals and purchases with the cards given by the victims to the motoboys.

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