Viih Tube and Thaís Braz meet again and comment on their participation in BBB21: “I could think more about the game”

The two did a live and answered questions about the reality show

By: Maria Luise Brey | September 3 – 9:43 am

The friends and ex-sister Viih Tube and Thais met again in a live, and took the opportunity to answer some questions from fans about the BBB21. Honestly, youtuber admitted having had attitudes that would not repeat during confinement on the reality show. The two also spoke of their friendship and life after Globo’s attraction.

“If they asked me if I would do it all over again and not change anything, I would be lying because I see I could think more about the game. I thought I was rocking when I won the leader’s last test, and when I left, I saw that it wasn’t. Today I think it’s funny”, declared Viih Tube.

Thais commented on the changes his life underwent after the program: “Everything, it just didn’t change my character, which remains the same.” And Viih Tube commented on their friendship: “Our friendship from inside the house is unlikely, because we are completely different, but at the same time, we have a silly way, I mean happy.”

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