Vitão gets irritated by the approach of Luísa Sonza and Pedro Calais

Luisa Sonza and Pedro Calais, lead singer of the band Lagum, would be getting to know each other better. According to Jornal Extra, the pop singer started to be seen frequently in the company of the musician. It is already the third famous that the blonde invests and the supposed affair with the boy would not be pleasing her ex-boyfriend.

Vitão, who is also a singer, removed Pedro Calais from his Instagram profile and stopped following his professional colleague. The artists were good friends, however, with the approach of Luísa Sonza, the partnership shuddered. The former couple ended their relationship last month, joining the list of celebrities who ended the affair in August.

Calais, lead singer of Lagum, is also single. The famous met Luísa Sonza in Rio de Janeiro, coincidentally, the same city that Vitão chose to visit to visit friends. The interpreter of “Takafaya” was in the South Zone of Cidade Maravilhosa, in the neighborhood of Gávea, having dinner with colleagues.

Giullia Buscacio, protagonist of Éramos Seis, is the ex-girlfriend of Pedro Calais. On the Globo screen, she was also known for participating in Dança dos Famosos last year and for acting in major soap operas: O Sétimo Guardião, Novo Mundo and Velho Chico. The Lagum star was quick, he was also seen with Sonza in Barra da Tijuca, where he stays when he is in Rio de Janeiro.

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Pedro Calais and Luísa Sonza (Photo: Reproduction/Extra/Instagram)
Pedro Calais and Luísa Sonza (Photo: Reproduction/Extra/Instagram)

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